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    Multimedia Expansion for Viva Malta
    Activism; Posted on: 2007-04-29 11:17:16 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    Viva Malta launches two new projects

    Over the past few months, members of Viva Malta, the website of the Maltese-based pan-European nationalist Imperium Europa, have been working on a printable quarterly newsletter for public distribution. After many hours of work and considerable financial investment we have the means to publish our own printed newsletter for general distribution.

    Copies are available from key Viva Malta members so that they may be distributed to any interested party. Also available is a printable version ready formatted for your printer so that you may print copies yourself.

    In addition to this we have also made available a lesser quality version (smaller file size) for electronic distribution (e-mail).

    We do hope that we receive more donations to make up for the considerable costs involved in maintaining such an endeavour. Details for donating are available here.

    Online versions of the newsletter can be found here.

    Photo: Imperium Europa head Norman Lowell and activist Arlette Baldacchino

    We have also decided that Norman Lowell should broadcast his own 'online radio program' which are also commonly known as 'Podcasts'.

    We have uploaded the first podcast yesterday which is in the Maltese language and runs less than 8 minutes.

    These podcasts will be published at least twice a month and will usually alternate in language with one week being in Maltese and the next one in English.

    Podcast shows are found here.

    A guide to these Podcasts is available here.

    Various media pages from Viva Malta: audio, video.


    Patriots in Europe have long seen the need to wage and win the war of ideas, a strategy that has been successful in breaking the intellectual blacklist of prowhite thought and forging an underlying ideological arsenal to guide political and social action. Part of this intellectual offensive has been pioneered by the "New Right," which seeks to formulate effective approaches to grapple with our common concerns. Leading thinkers in New Right and related fields count people like scholar and former diplomat Dr. Tomislav Sunic, who was recently hosted at a European Americans United gala, and Malta's Norman Lowell in their ranks. The island of Malta may be geographically small, but has huge historic and symbolic value to all of our people. Malta was home to the pan-European Knights of Saint John (also called the Knights of Malta), the Crusading Hospitallers who, as their name suggests, pioneered modern public health while simultaneously waging war on expansionist Islam. In 1565, they, along with the Maltese people, prevailed at the Great Siege of Malta against the Ottoman Turks. Military historians consider the four-month-long ordeal to be the greatest such siege in world history, and the Maltese victory broke the back of organized Ottoman marine power in the Western Mediterranean, leading to the knock-out blow of Lepanto near Greece in 1571, where another pan-European Occidental League organized across religious, political and ethnic grounds defeated the Ottoman fleet, seized the green "Sandjack" flag of Muhammad, and ended Ottoman dreams of Mediterranean conquest. The pan-European vision of the Occidental Leagues and the Knights of Saint John is reflected in Norman Lowell's analysis, which calls for continent-wide political co-operation as a key component in saving the West.
    News Source: Viva Malta


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