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    Texas Hospital Threatened by Mexico's Crime Explosion
    Immigration; Posted on: 2008-06-12 17:00:26 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    El Paso hospital asks for protection as Mexico's narcotics war burns

    A confluence of some of the numerous serious problems related to illegal immigration have forced a Texas hospital to appeal for help to Homeland Security and Border Protection.

    El Paso County is asking for the federal government to take citizens of Mexico who arrive at Thomason Hospital with gunshot wounds to be secured in US military facilities to protect staff and patients from gunmen seeking to finish the job. El Paso County borders Mexico's Ciudad Juarez, the focal point of an ultraviolent narcoinsurgency pitting police and army against drug and people smuggling cartels. Numerous police officials as well as beat cops, rival dealers and even musicians and other civilians have been murdered by henchmen of the brazen drug lords, whose wealth is anchored on the lack of will of the US government to enforce the border. Some top law enforcement officials, fearing for their lives, have even fled Mexico and claimed asylum in the United States.

    Thompson Hospital is the sole "level one" trauma center within hundreds of miles, and many police officials and other victims of shooting war in Mexico have been shuttled across the border for treatment there. Fears for the safety of staff and innocent patients has led to the new request for the federal government to secure the high-risk gunshot victims.

    The problem at Thompson Hospital reflects the damage illegals have done to US healthcare nationwide. Illegals, uninsured, have so overburdened many systems that whole hospitals have been forced to close, while US citizens, already paying high healthcare premiums, are forced to carry the cost.

    As with so many other costs, citizens, states and local governments must pay the economic costs of the federal government's lack of enforcement of its own laws for projects like prisons, schools and other social resources. Attempts to control these costs have met with mixed results in the federal courts.
    News Source: correspondent

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