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    California Muslim Polygamist Convicted of Abuse
    Race; Posted on: 2008-06-12 11:43:13 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    Mansa Musa Muhummed starved and tortured his two wives, 19 children

    by Western Voices correspondent

    A Southern California case that has been largely ignored by the corporate media is highlighting the rampant abuse of women and children by Third World populations under cover of "tolerance" for "diversity" and cultural differences.

    A jury in Riverside County has found black Muslim Mansa Musa Muhummed, 55, guilty of 25 felony counts related to his polygamous "traditional Muslim" living arrangements, including the torture of seven of his children, the abuse of 12 of them and the false imprisonment of his two "wives." Muhummed now faces up to seven life sentences when he is sentenced on August 1.

    Mansa Musa Muhummed (whose original, or "slave name" is Richard Boddie) was arrested in 1999 but his trial only got going in May (2008) after years of fruitless delaying tactics that saw him employ and then dismiss multiple lawyers and also represent himself for a period. His original arrest occurred after one of Muhummed's "wives," Laura Cowan, managed to pass on a plea for help to a mailman. The family, consisting of Muhummed, the "wives" and 19 children, were subjected to Muhummed's mindbending interpretations of Muslim Sharia law.

    Among Muhummed's crimes were that he strung the children up by their feet, starved them, whipped them and made them eat feces and vomit. In court Muhummed denied all the charges and said one of his wives had abused the children.

    While black religion in the United States, especially black versions of Islam, are highly heterodox and often have little in common with the original faiths, the West has indeed been enabling such criminal behavior for politically correct reasons. According to the Sunday Telegraph, the government in the United Kingdom has essentially recognized Muslim polygamy, and is actually paying to help maintain it. "Husbands with multiple wives have been given the go-ahead to claim extra welfare benefits following a year-long Government review... Even though bigamy is a crime in Britain, the decision by ministers means that polygamous marriages can now be recognised formally by the state, so long as the weddings took place in countries where the arrangement is legal."

    Similar policies are followed elsewhere in Europe, while other primitive practices have essentially been legalized by courts. In 2007 a female German judge said that a Moroccan man was entitled to beat his wife, since the Koran, Islam's holy book, allows this violence against women. In a French case, a court allowed a Muslim to claim that he had been swindled by his wife because she had not been a virgin when the pair married. All across Europe cases revolving around the public wearing of veils, burkas and other symbols of women's oppression have provoked debate. Women's rights campaigners have also been attacked by Muslims for opposing Islamic oppression of women.

    These kinds of cases have quite rightly inflamed many feminists, but the feminists are disarmed by the fact that most of them are simultaneously addicted to "political correctness," which holds that white males are uniquely evil and that nonwhites are incapable of political incorrectness of any kind. Such political correctness, as well as the loss of religious and ethnic values among white people, has also given rise to the sad phenomenon of white women willingly actually converting to Islam, marrying Muslim husbands, and ostentatiously taking on the restrictions and dress codes of Islam. The most tragic case was that of the young Walloon woman Muriel Degauque, who carried out a suicide attack in Iraq. Hailing from the beautiful Belgian city of Charleroi, Degauque had converted to Islam when she married a Muslim immigrant.

    A split is widening in parts of the women's movement, especially in Denmark, where many women are courageously recognizing that women's freedoms are threatened by Third World immigration. In the US, feminist Brenda Walker penned a seminal article called "Why Multiculturalism Is a Fraud and a Disaster for Women's Rights." "Multiculturalism supports the continuation of the monstrous crimes against women by its “celebration” of traditional cultures while ignoring the dark side," she says. "The false ideology of multiculturalism with its accusations of racism toward anyone who will not submit has intimidated Americans into believing it is desirable to welcome millions of immigrants from cultures which consider women inferior. Western culture, for all its faults, is a comparative oasis of equality for women, unlike the traditional cultures so esteemed by the multiculturalism proponents. It is alarming that some Americans are so naive or brainwashed that they seek to increase such retrograde diversity in our institutions and in the nation as a whole, evidently to prove their rejection of racism." Walker now does a regular column for VDare, a leading race realist site.

    Meanwhile, as courts prop up primitive Third World practices, other pillars of society paid to protect our values also sell us out. In the UK, the Church of England is the official government denomination, whose officials are government employees. In 2008, the Church's top ecclesiastical official, Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, openly called for Islamic Sharia law to be officially recognized in the UK. His statement not only alienated many churchmen, some of whom hail from the Third World and know the pitfalls of such a statement from such a person, but even a Marxist thought that the Archbishop's political correctness had gone too far, branding Williams "a stupid, dangerous, reactionary idiot."

    Back in the United States, Islamic Sharia law often interlocks with old fashioned race hustling. In Oakland, California, a man called Yusuf Bey ("slave name": Joseph Stephens) ran a subgroup of the Nation of Islam, the heterodox black supremacy cult. Applying his own Sharia law, Bey beat and sexually preyed on underage girls in the sect, and was charged with impregnating at least one who was 13 when she bore his child. Bey was facing 27 counts of rapes of four girls under the age of 14 when he died in 2003. His sect also ran wild in Oakland, accused of murders, shootings, torture, extortion and attacks on police and area businesses. In 2007, the sect faced arrests and a raid for the murder of a black journalist who had been investigating the cult.

    Bey and his group were abetted by officials for political reasons. As a black race hustler Bey worked the system, "power brokering" votes and winning government contracts. He also earned an estimated $1 million from the government in the form of phony welfare and healthcare claims. Nobody in government dared reign Bey in until the very end, mainly because he was able to exploit the weaknesses of political correctness.
    News Source: Western Voices correspondent

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