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    Wales: Cops on Intimidation Campaign
    Activism; Posted on: 2007-04-28 01:08:17 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    Brunstrom’s bully boys terrorise BNP candidates

    BBC Bans BNP Election Broadcast Over Brunstrom

    News article filed by British National Party news team

    The wife of Welsh Assembly BNP candidate Chris Robinson had an unpleasant reminder of life under New Labour’s police state earlier today.

    Mrs. Robinson was quietly sitting reading a novel at her north Wales home when she was disturbed by the doorbell.

    On opening the door she found two smartly dressed gentlemen who introduced themselves as officers from the North Wales Constabulary; one a counter-terrorist specialist and the other from the intelligence unit.

    She politely invited the two officers into the house whereupon they proceeded to inform her of a threat to her husband’s life because of his standing as a candidate for the Welsh Assembly on behalf of the BNP and that she should take precautions and be wary of walking around the neighbourhood and basically putting the fear of God into Mrs. Robinson. They left her in a panic that she and her husband were about to be attacked by individuals, thus far unidentified.


    Very distressed she called her husband who promptly returned home. After a few telephone calls to the BNP Chairman and the Welsh Regional Organiser, our man Chris contacted one of the officers directly and asked a string of questions relating to the visit and the alleged “threat”. It was clear from the answers provided that there was no real threat and the entire visit was concocted to terrorise the candidate and his family; in short North Wales Police wanted to send out a warning message - stand as a candidate for the BNP and you and/or your home/wife/children will be attacked by Islamic extremists/anarchists/violent left-wing thugs (delete as appropriate).

    Chris is the third candidate who has been targeted by the North Wales force in recent weeks. Every candidate is a relative newcomer; NWP have not gone for more experienced candidates who are well aware of this kind of bully-boy tactic.

    These are the kind of tactics the brutal thug Robert Mugabe uses against his opponents in the basket case of Zimbabwe, the kind of tactics expected of a Central American banana republic or some Middle Eastern state undergoing a transition from unelected dictatorship to fledgling democracy - they are not expected or welcome from a Chief Constable who clearly has the eye on his future career prospects under a New Labour administration; ambitions which will be cut short by the only party which stands up for the local people of Wales – the BNP.

    News Source: British National Party


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