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    The Pervert State
    Freedom; Posted on: 2008-06-02 15:37:45 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    The State

    The Emerging Surveillance State

    By Lee John Barnes

    In 2006 a superb German movie was released called The Lives of Others. The film followed the monitoring of political dissidents in East Berlin by agents of the Stasi, the GDRís secret police during the era of the Cold War. The film concerned how a Stasi officer Gerd Wiesler was ordered spy on a political dissident and writer Georg Dreyman.

    Stasi agents secretly enter Dreymanís apartment in order to install hidden microphones in the light switches and electric sockets. Wiesler and his assistant Udo monitor the activity in the attic space above the apartment, typing a summary of activities for the record after each shift.

    Wiesler soon finds out that the real reason why Dreyman is being spied on is that a minister named Hempf, a member of the Communist Partyís Central Committee, is attracted to Dreymanís girlfriend, actress Christa-Maria Sieland. If Dreyman is arrested, the minister will have free rein to continue his sexual abuse of Dreyman's girlfriend. This destroys Wieslerís motivation, as the job is not seriously investigating crimes against the Socialist state. In the end Gerd Weisler becomes sickened by the Stasi, the Communist state and the whole system of the GDR and his career is destroyed when he saves the life of Dreyman.

    Today as a result of the Labour government, many of whose senior cabinet ministers such as Jack Straw were members of the British Communist Party at the time the film was set, have now brought in stasi type laws to allow council perverts to spy on anyone some jobsworth in the local council has a grudge against.

    The Times today prints a story about the extent of how the Stasi State has grown since the government allowed councils to start spying on people for the most trivial of reasons.

    I have no doubt these powers are being abused. Perverts in the councils across Britain will be awarding themselves the power to spy on their ex-wives, their girlfriends or people they have a grudge against.

    The total lack of internal reglation within councils, and I have worked for Medway Council in Kent and have full knowledge of the corruption, incompetence and illegality that goes on within councils, should have ensured that the last organisation being allowed to use covert surveillance powers was councils.

    The recent plethora of cases of abuse of these powers is simply the tip of the iceberg. Seeing as no central authority is responsible for monitoring the use of these powers, then there will have been and still will be, vast abuses of these powers by councils.

    Most councils are the corrupt kingdoms of the venal, the idiotic and the pathetic. These powers will be used by council jobsworths across the country to spy on anyone who makes a complaint about a council official, anyone who dares protest about council building proposals and anyone who dares raise a fuss about the grubby deals of labour councillors who pass planning applications that then enrich Tory donating building developers as brown envelopes of cash are passed under the table at private meetings and they will be being used to spy on anyone that dares cross some jumped up council bigwig.

    Today sad little men in grubby little council offices will be hunched over tape recording machines listening to the private conversations of British citizens across the country. Many of these people will be sick little perverts who get a kick out of spying on the private lives of others. Others will be hired thugs working for corrupt council bosses whose pockets are bulging with illegal bribes from criminals and gangsters who will be using the information obtained by these corrupt council employees for their own illegal and criminal ends.

    Others will simply be spying on those they consider political dissidents, or those who put plastic bottles in the glass recycling bins, or those who someone suspected of trying to get a school place for their child and live in the wrong street or who have written a letter of complaint n the local paper about council corruption.

    The very fact that our nation has become a model of a surveillance society that the Stasi would recognise is a naional scandal of epic proportions.

    These laws have created The Pervert State, where state functionaries can indulge their sordid little desires to violate the privacy of innocent people. The Pervert State has no respect for privacy, no respect for British citizens and no respect for decency. The Pervert State wants us all to be stripped our rights and freedoms. The Pervert State does not recognise our humanity, it sees us merely as threats.

    An Englishman's home is no longer his castle, it is his surveillance cell.

    News Source: bnp.org.uk


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