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    Black Muslims to Enforce Law in Miami Slum
    Race; Posted on: 2008-05-28 15:34:53 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    Group affiliated with Nation of Islam wins "Peacemakers" contract

    Faced with growing ghetto violence and a "quit snitching" ethos that has hampered police all across Black America, the city of Miami, Florida is reaching out to a nonprofit linked to the Nation of Islam, Louis Farrakhan's black nationalist sect. Overtown, one of Miami's infamous black slums, will be targeted by a city funded "Peacemakers" pilot program costing $150,000 and run by a nonprofit close to the Nation of Islam, according to reports of the proposed plan.

    The "Peacemakers" project will see members of the NOI's Fruit of Islam paramilitary wing dressed in their distinctive uniforms patrolling Overtown and "liasing" with residents in an effort to "ease tensions" and cut down the crime epidemic while providing "role models" to African American youth. "What we need most is moral reform," said Minister Rasul Muhammad, a "Peacemakers" official who is also a son of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, who founded the NOI in the 1930s on a program of strict racial separation.

    The "Peacemakers" program is part of the nearly $1 million slated for a new law enforcement initiative that will also see an increased police presence and widespread video surveillance in Overtown. Supporters of the "Peacemakers" say the presence of the group will ease the sense among locals that increased police presence and surveillance will make them feel "invaded."

    The "Peacemakers" program still faces hurdles, despite the fact that similar NOI initiatives have proved successful. The NOI Overtown plan has met opposition from the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) a Zionist hate group with a decades long vendetta against any and all non-Jewish racialist organizations. Florida regional ADL director Andrew Rosenkranz has already come out swinging against the plan: "While we appreciate the city of Miami's efforts to improve conditions in the Overtown area, we are concerned that it did not fully understand the nature of the organization that it chose to provide these services." What he means is that the ADL considers the NOI to be "anti-Semitic"; the NOI's antiwhite racism, which forms a much more important part of the group's worldview and which has even flared into violence against white people, is hardly, if ever, objected to by the ADL. If mentioned, the NOI's antiwhite racism is consistently mentioned by the ADL as a secondary problem, behind the alleged "anti-Semitism" of the NOI.

    ADL efforts have managed to shut down projects similar to the "Peacemakers" plan across the United States. In all cases, NOI intervention was cited for decreased levels of crime and other antisocial behaviors, proof that racially homogenous systems work best.

    While many whites may feel uneasy about a group like the NOI, which has an antiwhite theology, taking on parapolice functions, the Overtown "Peacemakers" plan is a sign of America's growing Balkanization, something that is inevitable. It is also a sign that the present ruling order is unable to cope with the consequences of a racially mixed nation, and is forced to cede power, however slight, to those able to be effective. Allowing America's various component racial groups to begin to practice self determination is a step towards making the kinds of changes that are coming less traumatic, and will hopefully set precedents for whites to eventually do the same. White activists have seen this potential in the past. In the 1980s the UK's National Front, then led by Nick Griffin (who is now head of the BNP) sent a military veteran who was also an NF member to advise the NOI/FOI on just such a program in the Washington, DC area. Despite being highly effective in bringing peace to that and the other areas under their control, the NOI was eventually forced out by behind the scenes ADL pressure on local governments.

    The NOI/FOI has a lot of experience in enforcement work. Trained in martial arts, the FOI have gained respect from other blacks for their discipline and professional behavior, so much so that many leading blacks, from rap stars to Jeremiah Wright have employed them for personal protection.
    News Source: Western Voices correspondents

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