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  • 19

    UK: Labour Council Boots St. George Out Of National Day
    Political Correctness; Posted on: 2007-04-27 03:37:42 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    English heritage under attack

    News article filed by BNP news team

    Lies, media manipulation, bully boy police tactics – that’s life under Labour for Englishmen and women who want to celebrate their national day.

    Pub landlord and BNP candidate for Miles Platting and Newton Heath in Manchester Derek Adams was asked by a patriotic group by the name of British Heritage to allow them to use a truck he owns for the Manchester Saint George’s parade.

    Derek willingly agreed and they spent weeks transforming the truck into realistic looking dragon complete with terrifying sound effects.

    On the morning of the parade about one and a half hours before the start Derek uncovered the truck as it had been sheeted over to keep it dry. To his surprise within minutes of unveiling the giant dragon a police helicopter was hovering above his premises.

    The truck was then driven out of his yard by the driver from British Heritage, immediately as the truck reached the public highway a police van pulled in front of it and informed Derek Adams that the organisers of the parade (the Labour controlled Manchester City Council) were concerned about the entry of the float because they feared it would be bearing BNP regalia.

    Mr. Adams informed the officers that this was not the case and invited them to inspect the float for themselves, having found no mention of any political party or policies on the truck the police returned to their political masters to report.


    They soon returned with all manner of excuses as to why they would not allow the truck to join the parade each excuse more ridiculous than the last.

    The British Heritage team decided to park the truck in a prominent position along the route of the parade and on private land deciding it would not be worth getting arrested if they had joined in the parade.

    The parade then passed by with the Labour councillors at the front, followed by some Arabic belly dancers, a Brazilian samba troupe and a Caribbean style steel band, all good English fun!

    The best float (not in the parade) was standing idle but not silent at the side of the road, British Heritage were blasting out truly patriotic music from the truck’s loudspeakers much to the dismay of the treacherous Labour party.


    The Labour traitors on Manchester City Council are truly hypocrites because just three years ago the refused to allow any celebration of Saint George’s Day, they banned the parade from entering the city and when public opinion got the better of them they hijacked the event in an attempt to turn it into a Mancunian copy of the Notting Hill carnival.

    The original organisers of the event (the good people of Miles Platting and Newton Heath) were steadfast in their determination to hold the parade but unfortunately they have allowed the council to politicise the event.

    The local press did their usual misrepresentation of events by reporting that a BNP float was removed from the parade, suggesting that the wagon was somehow adorned in BNP stickers if any readers would like to correct them their contact details are below.


    Manchester Evening News
    Postal address
    Manchester Evening News, 1 Scott Place, Hardman Street, Manchester, M3 3RN
    Main switchboard: 0161 832 7200

    The contact details for the parade organisers are below for anyone wishing to complain about the disgraceful treatment of a truly patriotic group.

    J Bradshaw: jhbradshaw49@aol.com

    Jack St. George

    Labour councillors responsible:

    John Flanagan
    203 Broom Lane
    Email: cllr.j.flanagan@manchester.gov.uk

    Mick Loughman
    150 Stanton Street
    M11 4PX
    0161 231 2419
    Email: cllr.m.loughman@manchester.gov.uk

    Jim Battle
    C/o Executive Members Office
    Manchester City Council
    Room 205, Town Hall
    M60 2LA
    0161 256 0414
    Email: cllr.j.battle@manchester.gov.uk

    British National Party

    News Source: British National Party


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