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    Gaping Before the Heart of Blackness (Again)
    Race; Posted on: 2008-05-06 19:54:43 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    Get Me More White People

    By Ian Jobling

    The heart of blackness is exemplified by Michelle Obama, as the tendency to conflate moral good and personal interest. Simply put: the typical black person views whatever benefits him/her as the moral good and whatever holds him/her back as the product of an evil plot designed by white people.

    This narcissism never fails to shock me, though I should have grown used to it by now. Reading the words of black columnist Mary Mitchell in the Chicago Sun-Times, I again found myself gaping before the heart of blackness.

    The day when Barack Obama finally repudiated Jeremiah Wright, was, in Mitchell’s opinion, "a sad day for black America."


    "At a time when African Americans are on the cusp of watching a barrier come crashing down, up jumps a divisive issue that is being driven by those outside of the black community…

    "No institution in the black community is more respected than the black church. And the notion that white pundits can dictate what constitutes unacceptable speech in the black church is repulsive to most black people."

    Think of what the words imply. I’ve read a few of Mitchell’s columns, and I’ve seen no sign that she believes Wright’s theories about AIDS and such, so let’s give her the benefit of the doubt and posit that she understands that much of what Wright said simply wasn’t true. If that’s the case, Mitchell is saying is that only whites could possibly be moved to anger by the preaching of malicious falsehoods. Respect for the truth is a white invention designed to keep black people down.

    By stating the completely obvious, that Wright’s preachings are “ridiculous,” “outrageous” and “appalling,” Barack has sold out:

    "So, when Obama says America was “offended” by Wright’s harsh language, he isn’t speaking for or to Black America. He is speaking to White America… With the gap narrowing, Obama advisers are obviously scrambling for every white vote."

    Wright, of course, is a “warrior” who has been put through an “ordeal” and has been “denigrated” by Obama.

    All Mitchell sees is a humiliation of a black leader, which reflects negatively on her race. And that is simply evil. She never pauses to ask whether the humiliation was justified or not. It’s as though the idea that there are standards to which everyone is morally obligated to conform simply doesn’t occur to Mitchell.

    I don’t regard views like this as unintelligent, malicious, or mendacious. Rather, I regard them as insane and alien.

    News Source: Ian Jobling


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