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    Season of Success
    Audio; Posted on: 2008-05-03 20:27:09 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]

    Laying the groundwork for the freedom and continuity of our people for another generation to stand on means we've done our part, but no one says it will be easy.

    By Frank Roman

    Audio Version

    Last month I was deeply gratified to hear that a couple of letters to the editor in a local newspaper had caused somewhat of a stir in the small agricultural community of Lake Port in Lake County California. Someone who displayed more than a little bravery and common sense began a public dialogue regarding America’s dwindling Caucasian identity. More significantly he posited the suggestion that European Americans, having the right to name label and stand up for themselves against the rising tide of multiculturalism, are key to maintaining an identifiably sovereign nation, especially within the framework of our Founding Fathers clearly stated intentions to do so.

    As you can imagine reaction was swift from those who simply despise the idea that some “white people” actually displayed the temerity to do just that within the public forum of a newspaper’s opinion page! You can see their reactions (here and here) in the enclosed links. Fortunately, a contact near Lake County has reported that our musings were well received in other sectors of Lake County, and we are indeed grateful for that. We therefore hope a quantity of fast sprouting seeds was planted within a few minds in terms of our folk’s justifiable existence and unmistakable vocation. And to those whose barely concealed venom was successfully countered, in the spirit of sympathy we’d like to remind them that too much Kool Aid is bad for the soul.

    May Day has come and gone and Cinco De Mayo is here. Around two hundred pro Mexican open border protests were planned around the nation on May Day, and as far as I can tell they did go off. But these more recent demonstrations were virtually insignificant compared to the Nuremburg-like events held in the summer of 2007, a sure sign that more than a little wind has gone out of the sails of the forces of fraud. Due in large part to the hostile reaction of a vast number of European Americans last year, many of whom are not even explicitly racial in their view points and an upcoming presidential election, we severely demoralized this past May Day’s grand revolution, and last year the street level Marxists merely went home. Too bad.

    Anyway, I got to thinking (again!) about immigration, with all of its detrimental effects on our economy, our health, our genetic continuity as a people, and the direction of our nation. To say the least in order to rectify this deadly situation there is still much to do in thousands of communities across America and I hope we can count on member and non-member alike to answer the call. But there is another aspect of Mexican (and Central American) immigration to the United States that I have not heard any of the oxygen thief’s and talking heads bring up; a facet I believe has completely eluded all of the analysts. It really is this valid and this simple: Mexicans are cowards. That’s right, cowards. For all of their legendary swaggering machismo Mexicans have clearly proven they are not what they want us to think they are. Instead of staying in their home country – the land of their fathers -- to address the many problems confronting them as a people, as a race, regardless of the media elites cross border siren songs like Pamela Anderson’s Baywatch and JR’s Dallas, instead of “correcting” their leaders in whatever Third World manner is most suitable to them, they came here instead.  My guess is they are too gutless to stand up to the corruption and poverty inflicted upon them in Mexico, too starry-eyed with visions of speed boats and mansions, too susceptible to media manipulation, and too helpless to sustain themselves without a top heavy, over drawn nanny state like ours to take up of them. In fact they are so pathetic they even have to have something like the NCLR to wipe their noses and make sure they have all the undeserved freebies they can get. You know, this is a clear indication that were it not for the mongrelized altruism and greed of our own internal enemies they wouldn’t have made any headway at all. Unfortunately, the otherwise good people here in the United States have succumbed to similar media exploitation and joined in with the paternalistic Mexican love fest we see in so many places and hear about in so many publications. I guess it is just easier for the Mexicans to come here, seeking solace and money, rather than breaking the nose of the insolent nation killers in Mexico. I mean after all, they celebrate Cinco de Mayo every year, which tells me they USED to have what it takes to shake off subjugation, right?  Kind of like the European Americans of today compared to those in the American Revolution and the War Between the States, right?

    Look, we’re going to have to accept that things are getting worse before they will get better, and not many people have the prospect to live in times when tyrannies are overthrown. As is evident today the majority of people live in times when tyranny is actually growing, but they don’t notice because of the hypnotic effects of cultural consumerism and entertainment. Allow me to make it clear who the real enemy is: our own snobby liberal leaders, the media and educational systems. Without them, the breakdown of a European American nation could not go on. So with a little luck and a lot of resolve you and I should be able to cause a huge change at the right instant, whether it is nationally, regionally, locally, or under your own roof. Laying the groundwork for the freedom and continuity of our people for another generation to stand on means we've done our part but no one says it will be easy. Sometimes I get the sense that European Americans activists are completely worn out or worse, afraid to do anything substantial. But we have to remember that if the struggle to salvage our cultural and genetic continuity lasts as long as it appears it might, more than a few of us will end up saying we are too tired or too scared to go on. However don’t use this as a red herring to capitulate. Use it as a tactical withdrawal if you need to; an opening to appraise your actions and their results so you'll be more effective at the best opportunity. But under no circumstances should you drop off the map like many so-called “white nationalists” have done over the years.

    You’ve seen it yourself, you know who you are, and you know what I mean.

    Anyway, history has shown that tyrants can be worn down, and it doesn’t matter if the tyrant is a person or a system or both. Like I’ve said before every corrupted government will eventually conquer itself with its own unrestrained behavior. When it's starting to wobble -- like it is now it’s up to us to push over that top heavy fat monstrosity, watch it fall to the ground and break open. We must then be organized enough, or at least in the correct state of mind to reinstate racial autonomy in its rightful place, again, either nationally, regionally, locally or right under your own roof. But if you act aimlessly, or act unwisely we will end up defeating ourselves rather than our enemies because we do not have the money pit of corporate and federal dollars offered to every other explicitly non-white racial group in America. So be very wise. Pick your battles and remember you cannot fight every cause that comes down the pike. But you can act as liberated, capricious individuals whereby you bedevil your enemies who live and breathe top-down, confrontational action. Mock them. Sabotage their tactics and their ideology and get others to see how its’ done, too. Local self-help and reciprocal aid are much more desirable than debating endlessly faraway matters over which you have little influence. Now we can certainly learn from these observations and emulate them, but the core of the autonomy we say we value is right where we live, where YOU live. And that dynamic is manifesting itself around the world.

    In fact, this is a season of success for progressive nationalists all across the Western world. In Italy, our forces smashed the far left into electoral oblivion, taking important seats at the top of the new government and taking control of the Eternal City itself: Rome! In the UK, the BNP now holds at least one hundred elected offices nationwide, and elected a member to the Greater London Authority, an extremely important win that has rocked the Establishment. In Germany, an outnumbered group of nationalists took an aggressive posture against a violent criminal mob of May Day fascists and sent them running for safety. And in the US as I stated earlier, May Day rallies in favor of illegal immigration, amnesty and open borders were at a record low, while opposition numbers swelled, among them proud EAU members who were warmly welcomed by fellow patriots and the public. So you see the climate is changing all across our world: the days of political correctness and the evils that flow from it are in serious jeopardy. Sober, progressive nationalists are needed now more than ever to engage this groundswell and lay the foundations for real change in the coming period. So don’t be afraid of taking the initiative to change your own life or to act against even the mildest form of racial and cultural injustice. Make others see it, too. Be a leader.

    Remember: overly courteous people who have swallowed media induced peer pressure have always shied away from the hateful approach of our enemies and this has benefitted them to no end. I mean really, although our racial adversaries come in all shapes and backgrounds they still have to put their pants on like you do and they possess no special powers or information with which to overcome your position – except the will to do so and the permission granted by the system. Engage it, match it, and then overwhelm it, and make sure your actions are publicly brought to light because bravery is contagious. In fact just by paying attention to trends and suspicious activities an alert EAU activist will gain the insight to effect needed change, which starts by decimating your enemy and ultimately progresses with autonomy and self reliance. Trust me, while we do thank you in advance; more importantly your descendants will thank you for ages yet to be born.


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