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    Love Me, I'm a Liberal
    Race; Posted on: 2008-04-30 14:59:34 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    Meet one of Jeremiah Wright's white enablers

    At his Washington Press Club speech where he nuked Barack Obama's presidential campaign with a black supremacist rant that left Obama stuttering in shock, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright was asked whether or not white people would be welcome at his Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago. To approving whoops from the black crowd he mentioned the Reverend Dr. Jane Fisler Hoffman, an elderly white woman who is formerly the Conference Minister of the Illinois Conference of the United Church of Christ and a Trinity parishioner. Prior to taking up her new post as head of the California and Nevada Conference of the UCC, she gave a farewell address from the Trinity pulpit, Wright said, where she boasted that she is "unashamedly African."

    This kind of grotesque, pandering self hatred is almost a cliche for white liberals, those egalitarians who also flaunt their titles, those moral relativists who also feel the need to preach to others about the rightness of their own moral codes. Adding to the central casting aspect of the Reverend Dr. Jane Fisler Hoffman is the fact that she had to drive "nearly an hour" each Sunday to go slumming at Wright's inner city sanctum. You see, the honorary black Fisler Hoffman lived in Westchester Village, a tony "white flight" suburb of Chicago, whose own blue collar white ethnic neighborhoods were ethnically cleansed by blacks and Hispanics in the 1960s, 70s and into the 80s. Most of the internally displaced white people couldn't afford places like Westchester Village, of course, a place that hardly reflects the commitment to diversity Fisler Hoffman preached for others in her role as a mainstay of the Chicago liberal left.

    According to the 2000 Census, Westchester, which is laid out like a charming English village, complete with Olde English street names, was... 86.15% white! At 7.2% of the population, blacks added a little color but were only about half of the national average. The 5.68% who were Latino, far below the national average, were just the right number for doing the yards and lawns for the wealthy whites who profit so much from illegal immigration.

    This kind of blatant double standard is part and parcel of the mindset of the limousine liberals who tell less fortunate whites, the bitter gun owners and church goers, what to think and how to feel. In fact, the Reverend Dr. Jane Fisler Hoffman has spoken out in defense of both Wright and Obama. In a video presentation posted on the Obama site (presumably before Obama denounced his pastor), the doctor whipped out the "H" word in response to emails Trinity provoked over Wright's various racist statements. "I have seen some of these emails and I consider the emails hateful," (with a marmish nod of the head).

    She also says that ministers from other UCC congregations bring their members to Trinity, kind of like the old Harlem nightclub tours, "because the worship is so powerful, the preaching is so meaningful and prophetic." Which means, of course, that the UCC, dominated as it is, like most mainline Protestant churches, by shrinking congregations of elderly whites, gets to vicariously see their ideological goals in action: shrieking crowds of racist blacks denouncing "rich white people." (Present company excepted).

    The denomination claims to be the first mainline church to adopt gay marriage, and campaigns so heavily in favor of various liberal causes that the Internal Revenue Service is investigating them over allegations of illegally supporting the Barack Obama campaign. Fisler Hoffman's use of the "H" word to defend "her" church may be dismissed as just the rantings of a crazy church lady, but when we consider the power people like her have, and how what they define as "hate" is, increasingly, a crime, we are bound to ask about where this ruthlessness comes from.

    Part of the answer lies in history, where we find them stating: "The United Church of Christ is an amalgam of an amalgam of earlier Protestant groups. On one side, it traces its roots to the Congregational Church, itself a confederation of the Puritans and Pilgrims of 17th Century New England. They were the broad-brim-hat and frock-coat folk we celebrate on Thanksgiving Day." Yes, THOSE Puritans, the ones who hanged "witches" and whipped Quakers and thought so little of dissent and even Christmas. Their ideology still lingers on in their censorious self righteousness and pandering self hatred.

    Obama comes out of a whole milieu like this, a generalized mindset that gave us terrorists like Bill Ayers, black supremacists like Jeremiah Wright, Communists like Frank Marshall Davis, Che Guevara flag wavers... and sanctimonious nutballs like the Reverend Dr. Jane Fisler Hoffman.

    Love Me, I'm a Liberal
    News Source: EAU correspondent


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