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    Change We Can Believe In
    Race; Posted on: 2008-04-29 15:52:58 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    Does Obama encourage black hatred and crimes against whites?

    by Louis Calabro

    America does want change, but unfortunately Senator Barrack Obama's call for a conversation about race has taken a sinister turn for the worse for European American whites.

    Apparently, Senator Obama and the supportive news/commentary pundits in America think that a conversation about race really means opening the flood gates from the African American community about their real and perceived grievances in America; while European Americans are assumed to not have any grievances and therefore are devoid of an opportunity to have a say in the alleged race conversation.

    Without an airing of the European American community's grievances the race conversation is clearly and simply a monologue--and not a conversation about race. That's been the history of the so called race conversation as started by former President William Clinton.

    If we had a REAL conversation about race you would hear that European Americans are victims of 85% of over 770,000 violent interracial crimes each year committed by African Americans.

    If we had a REAL conversation about race you would hear that annually over 35,000 European American women are victims of rape by African American men. That's about 100 a day.

    If we had a REAL conversation about race you would hear about European Americans being unsafe in heavily populated African American neighborhoods and local schools.

    If we had a REAL conversation about race you would hear about the horrible abuses of racial preferences in the areas of employment, education and contracts against European Americans.

    If African Americans think that America has ignored racial discrimination against them, what do they think European Americans think about since the United States government has never publicly recognized the more than 500,000 annual violent felony crimes committed by African Americans against European Americans as a social problem. What kinds of programs and funding should follow if/when our government acknowledges that "black on white" crime in America is at a crisis level and is a grave social problem?

    Isn't it time to stop the one way conversation an open the doors to a REAL convseration so that we can all bring about CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN?
    News Source: EAIF


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