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    British Listener Remarks On 'White Nationalism' Podcast
    Opinion; Posted on: 2008-04-28 15:07:17 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]

    Thinking About 'White Nationalism'

    Mr. Roman;

    I'd like to commend you for delivering another excellent broadcast in which you presented a realistic and practical set of policies of a future 'white nationalist' government.

    While we all love our cherised visions of a personal utopia, I think your set of policies could be accepted by a wide number of our people as workable. It's also reasonable for you to propose that a white nationalist government would permit interaction and visitation by foreigners, since it would be hard to think of any nation being total isolated in the modern world. That would help to maintain cordial relations with the rest of the world in trade and tourism. As an example, Japan has managed to retain its ethnic indigenous majority while alllowing very limited immigration to skilled foreigners that has in no way suppressed Japanese culture and traditions. I think this would conciliate some of the more free-thinking elements of our people who think that an 'isolationist' nation is too draconian or unreasonable.

    Nevertheless, as you stated, mass immigration would definitely halt and there would be no toleration of media propaganda that works against our vested interests. Thus there would no be resentful chatter about real world anti-white policies on the Internet, as such annoyances would not exist -- at least in theory and on some level of practice. And I would also add that protective mechanisms would have to be introduced to the constitution to prevent subversion from any treasonous saboteurs who might try to repeat what has been foisted gradually onto western nations over the past 20 years.
    On a minor note, where meeting long term energy demands is concerned, I would also suggest the promotion of self sufficient homes i.e. the increased use of solar panels in sunnier parts of the country such as California.
    The major challenge that confronts us is that the road to a white nationalist government is going to be be painful and difficult. One major hurdle is that so many whites are selfish and/or apathetic; they will not be easily persuaded to work towards our goals for the common good. They will remain unduly optimistic all the while the economy is going alright and they can maintain their standard of living.
    On the brighter side, the nationalist community is growing rapidly, and bringing in more people who only a few years ago would not have readily subscribed to a nationalist ideology.
    As I've written in past essays, the vastness of the US means there's many delightful rural spots you can retreat to for a gentle pace of life, or to appeciate nature. Back in 2002 I drove across the Great Plains and into the Rockies en route to California. On that journey I travelled through Yellowstone National Park for just one day. I was quite taken aback by it's unspoilt natural beauty, and wished I could stay longer. Well I've decided to go back there as I promised myself. On Thursday I'm flying out to Utah for a 9 day vacation that will include a 3 day visit to the park. Should be a great place to unwind and appreciate what the world still has to offer travellers who can reach its treasures.
    Thanks, and looking forward to listening to your next broadcast..
    Best Regards

    News Source: correspondent

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