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  • 19

    MSU Leftists Seize Wells Hall Bridge, MSU Students Fight Back
    Video; Posted on: 2008-04-27 20:10:41 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]

    Hispanic demonstrators tried to keep students at Michigan State from going to class by blocking a bridge on campus and demanding ID from people to get by.

    Demanding that illegal aliens be given amnesty simply because they are considered racial, tribal members, which is where their loyalty lies and not with their non-Hispanic countrymen or their country, is just further proof that non-whites have no loyalty to this country or itís citizens if they are not Hispanic.

    And when this incident is considered with others involving blacks revealing the same racial bias, plus the numerous incidents of fractious tribal fights, riots, and killings, it is quite clear that such a nation of squabbling tribes cannot endure in its present form for much longer.

    Diversity has caused disunity and both are in the process of destroying this country.

    It will only get worse.

    News Source: msu-yaf


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