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    Portrait of a Racial Neurotic
    Race; Posted on: 2008-04-24 15:39:03 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    Diversity and the Debtor Nation

    By Ian Jobling

    I’ve written about the phenomenon of race denial in the past in an effort to discover why so many people deny with such passion the existence of obvious racial differences in behavior. Some explanations I’ve come up with have been the desire for Utopia and class snobbery. However, an encounter with a blogger yesterday suggested another complementary explanation, which I will call racial neurosis.

    A racial neurotic is someone who suspects that we “racists” are right and feels guilty about that suspicion. His public denunciations of “racism” are his attempt to convince himself and others that he is not one of us. Racial neurotics are violent in their repudiation of “racism” because the thought that they might be guilty of it themselves terrifies them.

    I came up with my theory of racial neurosis after reading and conversing with Robert Lindsay, a counter-cultural blogger whose posts consist, by turns, of far-left bomb-throwing, anxious navel-gazing, and William S. Burroughs-style hallucinations. Although his writing is generally tongue-in-cheek and self-consciously wacky, he appears to be serious on the topic of race, as he has made clear in a series of posts on race realists, including myself.

    Lindsay takes the tone of disgust that is standard in mainstream discussions of “racists.” After making some comments about how I look too nice to be a “leader of the White Revolution,” Lindsay provides a link to my site for readers who “can handle this sort of thing without gagging or wanting to leave the page. I can’t read too much of this nasty stuff anymore, I don’t know about you.”

    He also denies ferociously that permanent racial gaps in IQ exist:

    "The notion that there are permanent achievement gaps, and permanent IQ differentials between Blacks and Whites must be fought with ferocity…This is one of the most ferocious lies of all that White people tell about Blacks, so it is one of the ones that needs to be resisted most ferociously."

    News Source: Ian Jobling

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