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    The "Race" Race
    Race; Posted on: 2008-04-23 10:24:09 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    Hillary's Plan to Lose South Carolina

    Race War in the Democratic Party

    Ghettoizing Barack

    Bob Parks' Daily Dose

    According to Mary Mitchell of the Chicago Sun-Times,

    “Clinton loses 11 consecutive races, and the photograph of Sen. Barack Obama in Somalian garb shows up.

    “Clinton falls behind in pledged delegates and gets caught in a lie about her Bosnia adventure, and the Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr. story reignites.”

    On Philadelphia radio, Bill Clinton accused the Obama campaign of playing the race card, while denying he said that a day later.

    Barack Obama has sewn up the youth vote, indoctrinated with the ideal that affirmative action on the presidential campaign level is one whose time has come. Hillary Clinton, despite the pride Democrats boast with the historical possibilities of this campaign, is playing upon the no-longer inert racist concerns some have with having a black man in The White House.

    Apparently it’s working for Hillary, and after her Pennsylvania primary victory, we’re assured of hearing more cloaked race talk from Bill and her surrogates as the race to the Denver convention drags on. It would appear the only way Hillary Clinton can win the Democrat nomination is to convince the superdelegates that a black man cannot beat John McCain, and (without being an elitist…) Democrats are not ready to shuck their deep-seeded racism and give the reins of power to a black Obama.

    A woman, yes; a black man no. For that reason, she’s the only person who can beat the Republican.

    There are those pesky polls that say over 50% of the voting public wouldn’t vote for her under any circumstances. But that was then, and she’s a new and improved Hillary now.

    “Indeed, given that Gov. Ed Rendell, who is leading Clinton's campaign in Pennsylvania, has said publicly that "conservative whites" would not vote for Obama because he is black, Obama could have had a lot more to say about the mind-set of rural voters in that state.

    “Clinton, who not once has challenged Rendell's disgraceful stereotype of Pennsylvania voters as racist, has consistently seized upon polarizing issues in an effort to boost her campaign.”

    While throwing their fellow white Democrats under the very bus where they can sit in front, the Clintons seemingly care not about the widening racial chasm their strategy is creating in America.

    News Source: Bob Parks' Daily Dose


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