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    Farewell to St. George
    Race; Posted on: 2008-04-21 15:11:17 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    A Happy St. George's Day to all our English speaking readers! “A St George’s Day parade through an area hit by race riots has been cancelled following police advice” Soccer Badge Changed to Avoid Offending Muslims Hands Off the Whistle by Baron Bodissey In recent years there has been some discussion among the multicultural elites in the UK about getting rid of St. George’s Cross as a national symbol and replacing it with something a little more inclusive, a little more welcoming to the “New Britons”, and a little less… well, you know, a little less Christian. After all, old chap, the symbol is redolent of the Crusades and all that, so we’d be better off with something a little more nondescript, don’t you think? And including a star and a crescent in the design wouldn’t hurt, either.

    Naturally, if we’re going to give up that nasty old cross, the traditional St. George’s Day parade will have to go, too. Continue...
    News Source: gatesofvienna


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