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    A New Morning
    Audio; Posted on: 2008-04-19 19:52:50 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]

    Do what you can, wherever you are, with what you have.

    By Frank Roman

    Audio Version

    Today is April nineteenth, the anniversary of the Battle at Lexington Green when a handful of super patriots threw down the gauntlet against the most powerful military force in the world. In the spirit of that glorious yet tragic day allow me to hit upon a few applicable issues for those of you who are curiosity seekers, supporters or current members of EAU, but with special emphasis on the valued newcomer. Also, I want to address the urbanites and the so-called “bitter” rural dwellers of Obama infamy. Did you ever ask yourself why you should stand up on behalf of your own kind, the European derived people of America? With all of the politically incorrect poison wafting across the landscape like the by-product of a waste treatment plant, with all of its inherent risks and unfortunate setbacks, why do you still wish to listen, think, and act on behalf of your own kind in spite of it all?  

    An even more important question we ought to ask is: why shouldn’t you become active? **

    While I am sure each individual listening to my voice can without difficulty come up with their own objective reason(s) for girding ourselves with the armor of racial commitment, the fact remains that simply doing nothing would be far easier than getting involved, wouldn’t it?. And in my opinion, that’s cowardly. However, a growing number of people are making the conservation of white people “their business.” Never let it be said a sizeable number of people are not awake because they are, due in part to the manifest displays of non-white racial advocacy we see all around us. Whether you see this hypocrisy in Fox News segments or in the pages of corresponding news vectors like the National Inquirer, I believe it is beginning to register with a substantial segment of our people that they are getting ripped off. They are beginning to see that the investments they have made in neoconservative democracy, where society reaches a definite phase where belongings bestow rank, where affluence becomes the only source of high merit, and the outer trappings of political correctness are confused with “religion.” And yet it remains a fact that without the spark perhaps only you can ignite, they simply cannot bring themselves to act not only on behalf of our people but even on behalf of their own children.

    In my opinion and in the most practical terms, the preservation of European American men and women is your business if you pay taxes or if you’ve ever served in the military. It is your business if you have children or wish to have children, who in turn MUST have grandchildren. It is your business if you vote or plan to become a registered voter or you are an activist in the political process. It is your business because you go to work, or you volunteer on behalf of the betterment of your community. The conservation of white people in America is your business even when the churches say “we all bleed red,” or when their cohorts in Hollywood and Washington hold social and legal penalties over your head. In fact it doesn’t matter if the government enacts even more ADL sponsored anti YOU ‘hate crime’ laws,  or if the universities crack down on even more subjective displays of unorthodox speech and ideas. In short to hell with them. So yes, it is your business to become active in what you know to be right and good because we discern you are aware of the special recognition and support non-white advocacy groups enjoy today – at your expense, of course. It is also your duty to pass this observation along. Seen a brainwashed European American woman on the arm of a non-white? Then it’s your business. Noted the tragic results of a biracial sexual union? Then that’s your business, too. How easy is that?

    Look, we have eyes to see and ears to hear, so it should not be difficult to realize who we are: another link in the timeless chain of our people, who ventured into the unknown from the plains and mountains of Europe to trod this land; who assumed they would continue -- through their descendants’ -- right up to who we are at this moment in time. We are white ancestors. You are a white ancestor, and it is your business to safeguard that reality for all time, regardless of what you now do or plan to do. Our job is to make more white ancestors either through reproduction or creating a society that benignly encourages our survival. So, if you tolerate multiracialism by remaining a spectator as others put it on the line then your lineage will fade away and finally die. And that is not hyperbole. It is a rational and well known fact drawn from inferences and concluded with known data. It is a prediction that is already coming true – and you know it. Our goal must be to return to the only sensible path, the only course which holds any hope for our people -- the path of racial separation, which is just another way of saying the path of self-rule and self-determination. And really, the vicious rhetoric we continue to hear from the likes of LaRaza, the New Black Panthers, Jesse Jackson, Barak Obama, and now an emerging Oriental lobby can only lead us to believe that they literally hate us and want the same thing, racial separation. Thomas Jefferson wanted racial separation. So did Francis Scott Key as did James Monroe and virtually all the founding fathers of America. So did Abraham Lincoln believe it or not. In fact many of them wanted separation on a continental scale! For example, did you know America's founders made it abundantly clear that they not only wanted America to be a nation wholly reserved for white Europeans, many of them were members or officers of an organization devoted to the civilized repatriation of all blacks to Africa? Over the years they voted on and accepted many laws which -- in totality -- certified that only people of European descent could be citizens of the United States. Those who force multiracialism and all its consequences on our women, on our elderly, and on our guiltless children not only have blood on their hands, but they stand squarely in opposition to the American tradition, despite all of their counterfeit flag-waving and claims of nationalism. This racial apathy disguised as faux patriotism, imposed on all through the mass media from beginning to end censorship, is enforced by an authoritarian state that can be recognized by its use of militarized law enforcement, brain washing by means of the media, and the devotion to a Party. Around the world every modern government today that purports to have free speech and embraces democracy works against the well being of European derived people. That’s how they operate and we know you can see it. We must fight against the Republicrats by creating, as we are now, a truly national organization which can gain our racial longevity within the structure of the state and, conversely, in opposition to it. As I pointed out to you a moment ago you can look up the truth about our Founding Fathers & the history of America to see what makes the present-day political establishment so uncomfortable. You will then see why our media masters and the two-faced politicians who supplicate to them must conceal the truth about our history, or be exposed for the insidious liars they really are.

    So in order to successfully attack a modern day one-party system it is absolutely necessary to weaken the elements of dominant control; controls that prevent us as a people from working towards our genetic and cultural survival. And believe me, acting like a run-of-the-mill-tarpaper-shack-bigot won’t help anyone. For example while the Internet challenges control of the party line the expansion of government threatens freedom. In both cases something is being undermined by way of surreptitious activity. What YOU should be working towards here is not illegality but acknowledging we have made today’s social order a prison for ourselves, and bring this fact to other people’s attention. For starters, many of our people are trapped like rats in the death grip of political correctness because, among other things, they actually believe the races are in some sense "equal" and it would be of no importance if one race is swapped for another. For another thing our technology has grown while we as a people have devolved in our understanding of who we are, concentrating instead on short term gratification through this technology and ignoring the genetic and nationwide consequences of those actions. In other words, many of us are wearing electronic blinders and they absolutely must come off. We have to stop being cowards and take back our local and national institutions from the real enemy: our own elitist liberal leaders, the media and educational system. You know as well as I do without them the destruction of European America could not continue. You should want our people to survive by helping to stop the invasion of millions of aliens across our sovereign borders without so much as a shot being fired. You should yearn to teach our children that their own history and culture is not evil; that their history is one of heroism; that they must actively work against government mandated multiculturalism by replacing apathy with vitality; to face all of the terrible truths that have put us on the road to eventual insignificance. You should also raise absolute hell with the purveyors of motion pictures, sit-coms, and tabloids whenever they depict our people in an unfair and unwarranted bad light.

    However, the single most intelligent approach to understand is this: while individual efforts and skills are terribly important, it is imperative for European Americans to endure as a group and that for such continued existence, in-depth organization as a group will be necessary. But – let’s be clear: The Board of Directors at EAU is not going to dictate what needs to be done. Other than issuing our E-Voice activism alert or an alert on our news site that leaves the choice up to you, we are not going to "order" you to do anything. We should hear from you, the motivated and resourceful European American with definitive ideas and a backbone made of steel! The organizational framework and fellow activists (other than the Board) you need to work through is standing by. The information you need is out there, like low hanging fruit waiting to be exploited. And the remedy for the plight of our people sits like a new morning behind the eyes of the person you see in the mirror everyday.

    **Along with supplemental information, as it stands now before the end of the month our members and new applicants should begin to receive the newest membership bulletin and renewal form. Additionally, the BOD of EAU encourages independant activism from our members as long as said activism follows the guidelines of the organization's constitution and code of ethics. Thanks for all you do!** -- EDITOR


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