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    A Re-Commitment to Our Cause
    Philosophy; Posted on: 2008-04-19 13:18:53 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    by John Young

    Today is April 19th, one of the most important days in the history of European-Americans and our country. Today is the anniversary of the Battle at Lexington Green. Ralph Waldo Emerson called it the “shot heard round the world.” That shot reverberates to this very day.

    On that fateful day Thomas Gage, the military governor of Massachusetts sent a military force to confiscate the weapons stored in Concord and disarm the colonists; and to arrest Samuel Adams and John Hancock – which persons he believed to be in Lexington.

    Paul Revere, William Dawes and the other minutemen provided warning. Hearing the warning, 80 militiamen left their homes and possessions, kissed their wives and hugged their children. In the pre-dawn they assembled on Lexington Green to await a force of 700 British Army Regulars.

    When these 80 brave men assembled on the Green in Lexington to await a vastly superior military force ... they knew full well they faced death. They knew the odds were against them. At the time, about 1/3rd of colonists were loyal to the British Crown and another 1/3rd were uncommitted. So even among their own population their cause wouldn't have won an election. But they understood that Truth and Right do not require either a royal decree or a majority vote. They were willing to sacrifice everything they had in this world to give their posterity a chance for freedom, a better future and self-determination. They knew that even if they managed to survive the day, they would be marked men who would face the hangman.

    Historians are still uncertain who fired the first shot; but accounts of survivors indicate that the British Regulars shot the Lexington Militiamen in the back – killing eight of them. At 2 a.m. these eight militiamen left behind their careers, their businesses, their property, their parents, their sibling, their children and their wives. They reported to the sound of the drum. By 6 a.m. they had made the ultimate sacrifice – and as the mist rose from the green to greet the sun they would never see again, the life's blood of these brave men soaked into the soil of what would soon become the most free and powerful nation the world had ever seen.

    Their sacrifice, as great as it was – and there can be none greater – was not in vain. By the time the British Regulars had re-grouped and headed toward Concord later that morning, other militias were ready. The Lincoln and Concord militias strategically fell back as the British Army advanced. The militias surrendered Concord, and the British Army seized food and munitions based upon intelligence supplied by colonists loyal to the Crown. But the tide would soon turn.

    Answering the call to arms, militiamen from Acton and Bedford joined those from Lincoln and Concord to form a force totaling 400 men – and they took the North Bridge back to Concord from the British. The militiamen allowed the British forces to continue searching and plundering Concord without interference. But by the time the British forces were ready to return , there were 1,000 militiamen in the field.

    The march back to Lexington was a nightmare for the British forces as militiamen kept joining until militia forces numbered over 2,000; and the militiamen staged both ambushes and full frontal assaults. When the British Army finally returned to Lexington, the Lexington militia had been re-assembled and was waiting for them. All of the British officers were either wounded or dead. The British Army was harried all the way back to Charlestown; and awoke the next day to find itself surrounded by 20,000 militiamen. These 20,000 militiamen formed the core of what would later become George Washington's Continental Army.

    It was a stunning victory for the colonists, but resistance to the authority of the day was undertaken at great price. Many militiamen died immediately, and others suffered death or permanent disabilities from their wounds. Even the survivors risked stiff reprisals.

    Up until the Battle of Lexington Green, the dispute between the colonists and the Crown was seen by many patriots, like Thomas Paine, to be a sort of lawsuit. But after the battles, John Adams commented that the die had been cast; and George Washington wrote to a friend: “…the once-happy and peaceful plains of America are either to be drenched in blood or inhabited by slaves. Sad alternative! But can a virtuous man hesitate in his choice?”

    Thus the War of Independence was begun, as men pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor to the cause of self-determination of European-Americans. And those pledges weren't idle boasts. 4,435 Americans gave their lives in the cause, and another 6,188 suffered grave injuries. Many died horrific deaths from gangrene in the aftermath. Thousands had their property confiscated or destroyed. In an era where women often weren't allowed to pursue careers, thousands of widows were left destitute with mouths to feed.

    Our forefathers paid the price in blood for our liberty.

    On a day like today, a day that also corresponds quite closely with the anniversary of European Americans United, I contemplate how little our founding fathers really required of us to preserve the precious gift they bequeathed us.

    The men whose blood soaked battlefields all over this country left us a debt that we can repay with far less.

    We are expected to be vigilant, and to actually remove scumbags who threaten our Constitution from office. We can do this through the expedient of a secret ballot, so there can be no penalty levied against us by the powerful. The people who boldly gave their lives don't expect us to do that as well. All they expect is for us to sneak into the polling place like little mice and make a secret mark on a piece of paper in order to defend our Constitution. Naturally, for a hundred years, we largely haven't bothered to do that. And when we have, we have far too often voted to give power to globalist socialists and corrupt individuals because we would rather help ourselves in the short term than preserve precious liberty. Or, when we bother to support liberty, we only support the very narrow liberties that are important to us personally while electing people who will take liberty away from others.

    We are now left with freedom in name only.

    Every year most Americans who work hard, pay their taxes, speak English and obey the law pay nearly 50% of their income in taxes. Is THIS what our forefathers gave their lives for?

    Since 1913, our government has devalued our currency by 97%. Is THIS what our forefathers gave their lives for?

    Our founding fathers established a law that stood for nearly 170 years, that established that this nation was intended to be European-derived. Yet, in less than 20 years European-Americans will be a minority in a nation whose soil was soaked with the blood of patriots. Is THIS what our forefathers gave their lives for?

    Our government has stationed troops in nearly 130 countries. We have troops defending South Korea, and Japan is under our nuclear umbrella. Yet we cannot muster forces to defend our own borders from the existential threat posed by legal and illegal immigration. Is THIS what our forefathers gave their lives for?

    Right now, it is illegal for a citizen of Washington, D.C. to own a firearm for self defense. In many states it is all but impossible to get a proper permit to carry a firearm legally. Is THIS what the brave militiamen who provided their own weapons died for?

    Our government is running up endless debts, purchased by foreign countries, who then use that debt to buy up our industries. Is THIS what the land-holders who died for our liberty were fighting for?

    The blood of our ancestors cries against these and other wrongs. Can you hear it? From beyond the grave they are reaching out to speak to us on a day like today. What are they saying?

    They are saying that only 80 brave men showing the willingness to stand up and be counted for their cause can snowball into thousands; but that first it takes 80, and then 400. Do not expect your neighbor to stand – YOU stand. They say that even if the battle requires no muskets, it must still be joined. And they are saying that the time for action is NOW – not at some time in the future when we are destitute and disarmed. They are saying that lean freedom is better than corpulent slavery.

    Here at European Americans United, we DO take a stand. We take a stand for liberty, for our Constitution, and for our People.

    I am here to tell you today that we have inherited an awesome debt of sacrifice. Brave men laid down their lives for our liberty, for our Constitution and for the self-determination of European-Americans. It is incumbent upon all of us to exercise the vigilance our forefathers demand.

    So today I want to remind you that if you are already a member of European Americans United, renew when your membership is due. If you are called upon to contribute to a newsletter, write some software or perform some calculations – do it. Everything we do is important, and it is all in the spirit of endeavoring daily to be worthy of the sacrifices of our founders. If you cannot give your efforts, then freely give of your funds. Nobody at EAU draws a salary so 100% of contributions go directly to fund our activities.

    If you are not already a member, and are eligible for membership, I encourage you to join. Even though the battle that must be fought doesn't involve weaponry; that battle is already under way – and in less than 20 years our people will be minority in the land of our fathers if we don't turn the tide. I have heard far too often from people who have some quibble over some minor detail, and who use that as an excuse for lack of involvement. Get over your quibbles and get busy. What we ask of our members is far less than what was asked of the militiamen on Lexington Green. Don't tell me you are waiting for “the shit to hit the fan” to do something. Act NOW, while the needed changes can still be made through the ballot box. If you can't even commit yourself to trying to change things politically when it is easy and practically free of risk, I sincerely doubt you can be counted upon in a fire fight anyway.

    On April 19, 1775 many people made the ultimate sacrifice. They made it for their posterity – and that means US. All we have to do ... is be worthy of that sacrifice. For the past 100 years, I'm afraid our people have not stepped up to the plate. It's time for that trend to end. Today, promise yourself that you will re-commit to our just and righteous cause and be worthy of the blood of our ancestors.
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