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  • 19

    Whites Flee 'Massive' Zimbabwean Election Violence
    Race; Posted on: 2008-04-08 12:37:51 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    Mugabe allies invading farms, attacking whites

    Zimbabwe on the Brink

    Record Zimbabwean Inflation Underlines Endemic Woes

    As predicted, Zimbabwe's "election" has plunged the bankrupt land into ethnic and racial violence, as dictator Robert Mugabe refuses to cede power after losing. News of renewed large scale racial cleansing of whites comes as a court prepares to order Mugabe to release election figures which may force him out of office.

    According to the BBC, "The reports of violence coincide with the invasion of white-owned farms by so-called "war veterans". Some 60 farmers have fled their homes, according to Commercial Farmers' Union President Trevor Gifford. 'The situation is very severe. The evictions are continuing right round the country,' he told Reuters news agency. He said that one of those affected was black. 'His workers' houses have all been burnt and he's been accused of voting for the opposition MDC.'

    The MDC (Movement for Democratic Change) has been accused by Mugabe of being a front for whites, who, when they ran Zimbabwe as Rhodesia, made the landlocked nation into the "breadbasket of Africa." Since his seizure of power in 1979/80 Mugabe has carried out a campaign of ethnic cleansing against both whites and Matabele tribesmen, rivals of Mugabe's ruling Shona tribe. The antiwhite campaign increased in 2000 as Mugabe, faced with the consequences of his social policies, expropriated many of the remaining white farms and gave them to his Shona allies, who allowed the fields to go fallow, exacerbating Zimbabwe's already abysmal economic woes.

    Observers feared that Zimbabwe's latest "election" would lead to tribal violence, as often happens in black Africa, and MDC activists have blamed an Israeli firm for rigging polls in favor of Mugabe, who appears to have lost the count nonetheless but still won't cede power. Scapegoating whites is his standard method of deflecting opposition, trading on his fame as the man who, with the help of Red China and Western white liberals, defeated Rhodesia and installed black (Shona) rule.

    The fear is that Mugabe, cornered by international pressure, a starving populace, and an openly rigged election will go into bunker mode and order wholesale slaughter of whites.

    The United Kingdom, America and other white nations should immediately open their doors to white refugees from Zimbabwe fleeing what is in fact a white genocide which may get worse as Mugabe desperately clings to power. Western embassies should also open their doors and prepare armed diplomatic units to locate and rescue fleeing whites.
    News Source: correspondent

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