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  • 13

    A Day of Diversity
    Political Correctness; Posted on: 2008-04-07 20:08:06 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]

    One of our own has a bad day, indeed.

    Ezra Pound once said that all America was becoming one vast insane asylum. Pound was only partly right. Not only is America becoming insane but the inmates are running the asylum!The definition of being psychotic is not being able to tell reality from unreality.Americans live in unreality and think it is actually reality. Just listen to what happened to me on a recent outing to North Little Rock.

    I see bright faced,bubbly whites teens having a car wash. They are all well dressed and clean cut and obviously from good families. The purpose for holding a car was was a sign that said: SAVE AFRICA! Another sign proclaimed: HELP US SEND BIBLES TO AFRICA! All those involved in the car wash were white and all those who drove up to give money were white!

    Then I go to a restaurant. Five of the waitresses in said restaurant are what I call R.U.- that is RACIALLY UNIDENTIFIABLE! I could not tell if they were white or black or even black or Asian they were so mixed up. After I left the restaurant I stop at Best Buy. When I was inside somebody had put a leaflet on my windshield proclaiming an appearance by black poet Maya Angelou.

    And that my friends is what we must put up with on even the most simplest outing! This is not natural, its not normal, it is unreality!

    News Source: EAU correspondent


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