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    "Only Black Supporter of Hillary Clinton" Arrested
    Race; Posted on: 2008-04-04 12:19:10 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    Conflicting reports about arrest of black female at Hillary event

    A Hillary Clinton fundraising event at the Wilshire Theater in Los Angeles was marred by the jarring shrieks and pleas of a black woman as she was arrested by event staff. A tape has been posted online of the unidentified woman screaming "I'm the only black supporter of Hillary Clinton here!" and vigorously questioning why she was being cuffed and detained. Claiming that she has been injured by the cuffs, the woman lets loose at those arresting her with a blast of profane language. A white woman is heard to say that "federal agents" had been called in.

    Apparently anxious to downplay the arrest and afraid of yet another racial incident, a Clinton campaign operative spun the arrest. "Not only did [the black woman] attack another person at the event (she literally bit a woman, which drew blood and required bandages), she was screaming profanities and tried to urinate in the doorway to the theater! She was both verbally and physically confrontational to volunteers (I was one of them) and to the Secret Service, as well!" We shall see if the Obama campaign, or his shameless race hustling allies like Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton, are able to resist.

    This is the second speech issue related to Hillary Clinton in days. Air America Radio, the "progressive" network funded by international oligarch George Soros, indefinately suspended shock jock Randi Rhodes for calling Hillary a "whore." Earlier, MSNBC's David Shuster was censured for a remark Clinton found "offensive." She demanded Shuster lose his job after he said her campaign had "pimped out" her daughter, Chelsea. In September (2007), a University of Florida student was blasted with Tazer shots by campus cops after asking former Democrat presidential hopeful John Kerry a question at a public event. The political class all across the Western world is increasingly distant from the people in whose name they presume to rule and speak.

    While the white public has been disturbed by the remarks of Barack Obama's black pastor preaching antiwhite hatred, the racial component of the Democratic nomination campaign is felt heavily among blacks, who support Obama, as a black man, overwhelmingly. In fact, the whole campaign has been marked by a split between white liberals, Hispanics and feminists on one side, and black radicals on the other, all of which are core constituents of the Democrat coalition. Hillary has attempted to get back the black support she once counted on as the wife of "America's first black president." In a shocking display of how divided the various politically correct Democratic factions have become, Clinton denounced and bounced Geraldine Ferraro, who made the mistake of telling the truth about the racial demagoguery surrounding Barack Obama. Hillary's decision was a serious body blow to political correctness: Ferraro is feminist aristocracy, having been the first woman to run for Vice President for one to the two main parties in the US, in 1984. Even worse, Ferraro couched her condemnation of the Obama racial juggernaut in orthodox feminist ideological terms, with the result that in condemning Ferraro Hillary was choosing the side of black racism against her feminist "sister."

    While Hillary does retain some black support, she has experienced highly damaging defections and has lost the overall support of black voters. In response she replaced her ineffectual Hispanic campaign chair with another affirmative action appointee, her black former White House "Chief of Staff," Maggie Williams. Hillary's campaign has attempted to capitalize on the racial divide by appealing to white working class voters in a thinly veiled effort at racial manipulation.

    The cries of the black woman at the Wilshire seem to reflect the level of hysteria felt among blacks around the nomination, and some observers have predicted mayhem, even violence, if Clinton is chosen instead of Obama.
    News Source: Western Voices correspondent


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