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    Absolut Gall: We Respond
    Immigration; Posted on: 2008-04-03 21:19:26 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]

    That sound you hear are millions of laughing Mexicans. Absolut Vodka needs to hear from you. Contact info and an EAU response follows.

    Taking the Reconquista concept all the way to the end, Absolut Vodka launched an ad campaign (right) that appears on billboards and at least one magazine that features a map of the western U.S. and Mexico with nearly the entire west coast appearing as a part of Mexico. This ad appears in Quien Magazine, which is owned by Time Warner and also appears on billboards in Mexico. Quien claims a "total audience" of 513,000 readers in Mexico and the southwestern U.S.

    The map covers what used to be Mexico's claimed borders before our 1846 war with them from which the U.S. took possession of California, Texas, New Mexico, etc. But, the ad shows those states as part of Mexico with the "Estados Unidos De America" situated to the north and east of the "Absolut World" Mexico.

    In a day when immigration issues are incendiary between our two countries, Time Warner accepting ads that stirs Mexico's sentiments to "take back" parts of the U.S. (as the term Reconquista means) as their own territory is quite extraordinary.

    One would think that such a hot button issue would have raised a few eyebrows with Time Warner? Even worse, this ad never raised a fuss with anyone even as ads for other products were pulled because of "offending" people.

    Last year, a Snickers ad was pulled from airing on TV when gay activist groups complained that the ad, which showed two men eating a snickers and accidentally locking lips, was "offensive" to gays. A GoDaddy ad was pulled in 2005 for sexual content. A pro-life ad was even pulled in Ontario this year because the pro-life message was somehow "offensive."

    Yet, an ad showing the west coast reconquered by Mexico doesn't raise a peep?


    EAU Responds


    In no uncertain terms we are writing to inform you that we utterly condemn the outrageous ad released by your company, which depicts the United States giving away its sovereign lands to Mexico. We are at the very brink of losing our nation to the Third World in terms of demographic population shifts and the spineless cowards in Washington who are allowing it to happen.

    This ad insults not only our forebears who fought and bled to build this country but also contributes to the wholesale marginalization of future generations of European Americans.

    Never in our wildest dreams would we have thought a liquor company would so blatantly, with malice aforethought, aid in the massive displacement of European Americans.

    You are hereby put on notice for future actions regarding this ad.

    Very Truly;

    Board of Directors

    European Americans United


    News Source: newsbusters

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