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    The State or the People
    News/Comment; Posted on: 2007-04-21 07:52:43 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]

    The people* are diminished as government accountability declines.

    by Paul Craig Roberts

    WHAT USE is the political left? This is a serious question, not a rant. The same question can be asked about the political right. The question does not imply derogatory implications about individuals on the political left or the political right. Rather, the question concerns the basket of emotions, issues, and knee-jerk responses associated with the political left and the political right.

    Traditionally, the political left has had a Benthamite view of government, seeing government power as the tool for improving society whether through revolution or reform. Paradoxically, the political left has believed in Big Government despite the political left’s emphasis on civil liberty. The political left sees government power not as a threat to civil liberty but as a tool for enforcing civil liberty; for example, through Brown vs. Board of Education and coerced integration in the southern states.

    Traditionally, the political right has had a Blackstonian view of government, distrusting government power as a threat to individual liberty. Paradoxically, conservatives value individual liberty while tending to view civil liberties as protective devices for criminals and, currently, terrorists.

    The political left tends to blame problems on existing societal institutions, especially on capitalism, which is believed to foster greed and private power that is not accountable to the people. The political right blames problems on human fallibility and on laws and regulations that create the wrong incentives and that replace private action with government action.

    original article

    As far as EAU is concerned 'the people' means European Americans, who are the descendants of those who built the United States. We cannot clearly extrapolate who Mr. Roberts is referring to when he says 'the people.' 

    News Source: VDare

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