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    Learning The Hard Way
    Audio; Posted on: 2008-03-08 21:45:28 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]

    If racial diversity is our strength then racial homogeny must be a weakness, right?

    By Frank Roman

    Audio Version

    When India was granted self-determination by Britain after the Second World War, Britain made an enormous and all but irreversible mistake. It permitted millions upon millions of its former subjects -- genetically alien people from a vastly different ethnicity, religion and folklore to enter Britain from India and stay there.  Also after the Second World War France made a similar blunder when, after granting independence to its North African colonies (Algeria), allowed millions of its former subjects -- genetically alien people from a vastly different ethnicity, religion and folklore -- to herd into France and stay there. Postwar Germany, reeling from the unqualified demolition of its infrastructure and loss of life invited Turks – again, genetically alien people from a vastly different ethnicity, religion and folklore -- onto its soil to work. But after the jobs dried up the Turks stayed on German soil and became a nation within a nation, like the Indians in Britain and the Algerians in France -- with all the requisite upheaval and clash of cultures that continues to this day. I guess these three similar situations means that Britain, France and Germany are all nations of immigrants and diversity really is a strength, right?

    Now as we all know and as I’ve stated in these broadcasts (till I was blue in the face!), the United States is a nation of immigrants – European immigrants. We had laws that ensured the racial and cultural makeup of the United States would be maintained because it suited us. Among all of the other Europeans who settled here, the English the French and the Germans came to these shores, dropped their tribal classification, intermarried, and became real Americans. Of course the rest is history. Our people paved the way to civilization by setting an example to the rest of the world and we have paid for it ever since. And so, with the blessings of institutional Marxists, psychopathic egalitarians and politicians, rather than adamantly insist the Third World emulate our progress from a distance we threw open the doors to our nation, knocked down the barriers that protected us, and have allowed millions of people from the Third World into our land, especially from Mexico and the rest of the southern hemisphere. Like an enabling partner we also imbued these ‘new Americans’ with political power and effectively shut off any debate in terms of preserving our steadily shrinking Caucasian majority…just like they have done in Britain France and Germany. And that’s what gets to me: while the United States failed to learn the consequences of massive Third World immigration into Britain France and Germany we sure seem to have learned from their own brand of Marxists and psychopathic egalitarians how to shut down any dissent on the matter here in the United States. And if history can be used as a reliable guide, these people will have to pay; and it would be wise for us to remember these modern day Benedict Arnolds who are betraying their own race for 30 pieces of silver.

    Anecdotally speaking I am now reminded of an associate who recently contacted me to say that the small company at which he has been employed for 10 years -- that has remained an entirely ‘white environment’ since its inception -- was obligated to hire a minority, in this case an African American after his employer scored a couple of federal contracts. Affirmative action, you know. Now my question is this: has this company which operated for years delivering a quality product and service to the general public with an all white staff actually been at a disadvantage, was in reality a weak company because it was not ‘diverse’ enough? Is it now a “better” business thanks to the federal government and the muckety mucks that shoved Affirmative Action down the throats of working European Americans? Now apply this uncertainty to nations…

    You know, if there is going to be a concrete foundation to the philosophy we believe in, it should be -- at the very least -- preserving our current European American majority of 65% in the United States. From there, it will be an easier push to undo our demographic decline and instead increase our majority back to at least 75% or 80%. And this is just a basic underpinning, a starting point for further advances that deeply connects us to our fellow countrymen and our precious women. Presented correctly it should bond with people’s natural safety-in-numbers-instincts. In fact it may have already been at work in 2007 when a vast portion of our people rose up against the amnesty debacle. If you think about it most people are so out of touch with our demographic decline from 89% (around 1970) of the population to 65% (2007) that simply pointing this out can have a very insightful effect. A startling visual illustration or solid oral presentation can cause some intense rethinking on the part of people who are not totally eaten alive by multicultural creeds and outright lies. Then it will simply be a matter of time before we are able to utterly deconstruct the entire message because it will permit us to put the adversary in the painful situation of being on the defensive, with only their milquetoast insipidity to fight with. Additionally, it puts those platitudes of theirs into direct inconsistency with a gut level commonsense reaction that most average people logically have. Of course, enacting such a program is entirely up to you isn’t it?

     When the institutions of government, education and media openly shows an enthusiastic incentive to remove European Americans not only culturally but, in due course, physically from our land then discretion and wisdom as related to the understanding and the knowledge for our existence, demands that we question these same institutions as yet being ours any longer; and, if such is not a system for European Americans then why are we tolerating this irrational creature in its present condition?  We would do well to apply our racial concept (European Americanism) as related to a past, a present, and a future approach that this country is our country.  Our nation, America, was given to us (European Americans) by our Founding Fathers (European Americans), and I say this simply to mean nothing more and nothing less, for we have no other place to go. Nor should we because the one overriding question that sums up our situation, that ought to be driven home not only to our enemies but more importantly to our kinsmen is, again: ‘If diversity is our strength then homogeny must be a weakness, right?’ And I (we) don’t care if you’re a nuclear physicist or a ditch digger, if we fail to understand the lessons presented to us by global illustrations like massive Third World immigration, traitorous government complicity, media manipulation and political correctness then the bitter lessons we have learned the hard way will have all been for naught.

    Don’t let it happen.

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