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    Virginia: Shock, Horror at Massacre
    News; Posted on: 2007-04-17 12:53:01 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    Korean immigrant slays 32 people, kills self

    America's worst school shooting has left 32 innocent people dead at Virginia Tech, along with the gunman, Cho Seung-hui, a Korean immigrant aged 23. Cho's self-inflicted wound was so disfiguring police had to rely on fingerprints from his immigration paperwork in identifying his corpse.

    Investiators are still attempting to piece together clues to find out exactly what happened. Early outrage has been expressed by students and others that Virginia Tech was not closed down after Cho's initial attack, where he apparently killed two people, one of them allegedly an estranged girlfriend. Two hours later, students who would have stayed home had they been warned were gunned down by Cho in a building across campus. Cho had heavily armed himself, and brought chains and locks to secure his victims inside classrooms, where he lined them up and shot them execution-style. Some survivors leapt out of windows, while at least one played dead among a pile of bodies.

    The racial component in the story is a hot one, but pointing it out is certainly not "exploiting" the tragedy. All kinds of political agendas came into play early on, including, apparently, a lack of a physical description of the shooter, especially after the initial killings, when it would have counted. Additionally, cynical special interests are already manipulating the tragedy to call for additional gun control laws, even though guns were already banned at Virginia Tech, where had armed students been present the carnage may well have been cut short.

    And don't forget how special interests often use race for despicable ends when the shooters are deemed to be "racists." The terrible Columbine shootings are still disgustingly described as "white suremacist" violence even though one of the shooters was Jewish, and the killers were militant "anti-racists." Another, similar plot, thankfully foiled, was blamed on "neo-nazis" after the suspects were found to have used the numbers "420" -- supposedly "code" for "Hitler's Birthday." When it was pointed out that "420" is slang for marijuana use, the earlier claim was shamelessly dropped without explanation.

    In fact, had Cho been white we all know the media would have immediately jumped on his physical description and would now be full of speculation about a potential racial component.

    While mass murder in the United States is of course not limited to Asians or immigrants, these latest senseless, multiple slayings are reminding many of the similar outrage carried out in Wisconsin by Hmong immigrant Chai Vang. In 2004, Vang snapped, shooting dead six hunters and wounding two. Hmong leaders rallied in defense of Vang, with the supposed "racism" held by the hunters and whites in Wisconsin and Minnesota generally being used as an excuse for his behavior. Similarly, special interests will no doubt do their best to "exuse" Cho, who reportedly railed against "rich kids" as he killed -- perhaps showing how difficult it is to be an Asian in "racist America." White guilt is a powerful force and will definately be appealed to in an attempt to defuse growing anger in America about immigrant crime.
    News Source: EAU

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