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    Race Determined Ohio Outcome
    Race; Posted on: 2008-03-05 16:30:56 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    58% of white male Democrats, two thirds of white women back Hillary

    Race Defection Rocks Clinton Camp

    Exit polls carried out by the Associated Press and a number of networks showed that race played a deciding role in Ohio's Democratic primaries, as it has elsewhere, putting the lie to the claim that "race doesn't matter" and that America has "overcome race."

    As in other states, blacks overwhelmingly backed Barack Obama against Hillary Clinton, with a reported 87% voting for him. Blacks also seem galvanized by a black choice, participating in unprecedented numbers that amounted to 20% of voters across the state.

    White male Democrats are usually liberal, but voted racially in Ohio, with 58% of them supporting Hillary. Such a result may partly be accounted for by the fact that many white Democrats in Ohio are blue collar, the same constituency that broke ranks to back George Wallace and Ronald Reagan. White women came out in droves, supporting their "sister" Hillary with about 66% of their votes.

    The findings highlight the ongoing racial divisions fracturing the politically correct special interest coalition politics of the Democrats.
    News Source: Western Voices reader


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