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    Why Barack Hussein Obama's Middle Name Matters
    Race; Posted on: 2008-03-04 01:19:52 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    Barack Obama: I'm no Muslim

    Barack Hussein Obama

    By Steve Sailer

    No, it's not because he's a secret Muslim. Nobody has ever seen him engage in Islamic rituals since he left Indonesia at age ten.

    Significantly, Islam's transracial ethic had no appeal to Obama as a young adult, when his obsession was proving he was "black enough". He was proud of his Kenyan grandfather for converting to Islam—but that was because Obama mistakenly associated orthodox Islam with the black racism of Louis Farrakhan's heretical Nation of Islam, which had long interested him.

    Obama admired his black grandfather for writing an angry letter to his white grandfather "saying that he didn't want his one son marrying white" (p. 406). Indeed, this (bigamous) marriage between Obama's parents did prove disastrous, leaving its one offspring psychologically scarred for decades. At age 27, Obama was disappointed to discover that his grandfather hadn't been a member of the antiwhite Mau Mau terrorist group—shockingly, he had been a domestic servant for British colonialists.

    The Republican fear that Obama is a secret Muslim is silly, but so is the Democratic dream that electing a black President will suddenly make America popular in the Middle East. The sad reality is that Middle Easterners treat their black minorities with contempt. (See Robert F. Worth’s New York Times’ Feb. 28, 2008 article Languishing at the Bottom of Yemen's Ladder, about the horrific conditions under which the blacks in that Arab country subsist).

    No, to understand the reason Obama's Muslim middle name matters, first review America's strategic situation.

    The good news: over the next decade at least, America faces few, if any, serious foreign military challenges. The only dangers the next President will have to deal with are those, like 911, to which we choose to make ourselves vulnerable because of domestic pandering and political correctness.

    A quarter of a century ago, we were faced off against a military superpower that had a fighting chance to drive its vast tank armada through the Fulda Gap and all the way to the Rhine. And if that didn't work, the Soviets could fall back on their countless nuclear ICBMs.

    Now, that was dangerous.

    Today, in contrast, the rest of the world is demilitarizing. America's military spending is almost equal to that of all other countries on Earth (47 percent or 49 percent of the world's total, by two different estimates).

    But what about the ruthless ambitions of Iran, which John McCain wants to bomb-bomb-bomb? According to the CIA World Factbook, Iran spent only 2.5 percent of its paltry GDP on defense in 2006, compared to America's 4.06 percent.

    News Source: vdare.com


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