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    Latest Noose News
    Race; Posted on: 2008-02-28 18:35:48 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    Charges dropped against Maryland kid

    The Jena 6 Scam

    Prosecutors in Queen Anne's County, Maryland have dropped charges against white Kent Island High School student Bruce Settle, 18, who had been arrested after a black mother complained to cops that Settle formed a length of material into a noose shape and said to the woman's son, "Did you wanna try this?"

    The "incident," part of the nationwide noose hysteria that grew out of the "Jena 6" race beating case in Louisiana, took on ridiculous proportions. Settle was slammed with a slew of charges that would have ruined his young life, among them the Orwellian charge of "racial harrassment." The FBI, no less, dropped its investigations of kidnappers, bank robbers and international terrorists to investigate the "case," only to find that witnesses gave "inconsistent" accounts of the horrific crime. Even then, Queen Anne's County State's Attorney Frank Kratovil only dropped the charges after the mother who filed the original complaint agreed.

    These kinds of incidents, which become caught up in hysteria fuelled by a politically correct agenda, often grow to resemble the Salem witch hunts, which saw innocent people condemned for supposed "sorcery" in Colonial America. Just as with the "Satanic panic" abuse scare of the 1980s, lives are ruined by bogus racial "harrassment" cases, but nobody says anything because the charges are so socially repugnant, and powerful interests have a stake in the outcome.

    The origin of this latest "noose hoax" lies in a prank played by white kids at the Jena high school who made lassoes to tease members of the school's bullriding team, who were also white. When a group of blacks was arrested for beating a white kid from the school they retroactively pointed to the ropes as "nooses," supposedly symbolic of "lynchings," which had sparked their anger. Even though the fact that such "nooses" would not (or at least should not) have excused the attempted murder of the white youth, the image was capitalized on by savvy race hustlers like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, who used the image to galvanize some of the largest "civil rights" protests seen since the Tawana Brawley hoax of the 1980s. Brawley, a black teen, said that white racists had kidnapped and raped her, a story used by Sharpton to build his national image. It was later proved that the girl made the whole thing up, but not before one of the accused killed himself.

    This shameful case in Maryland is at least the third apparent "noose" hoax since the "Jena 6" case drew national attention to blacks' new found upset with looped ropes. In Baltimore, Maryland, a black fireman was found to have placed a noose and threatening note in his stationhouse, probably to avoid punishment for unrelated work problems. At New York's once esteemed Columbia University, a black professor facing investigation for plagiarizing the work of colleagues and even her own students claimed she found a noose attached to her office door.

    "Hate" hoaxes are very common, feeding on the superior legal racial status of nonwhites and based on the premise that whites have a unique history of racism. The pandering of the government fuels the problem: in each major "noose" hoax case the federal government has gotten involved.

    Some "hate" cases are merely ridiculous, like the New Jersey store forced to take down a Halloween prop because a black customer said it looked like a hanging black man. Others are sinister: when New York's Brooklyn Heights neighborhood was hit with vandalism, graffiti and leaflets calling to "Kill the Jews," mayhem ensued, with the media whipping up a frenzy and twenty New York Police Department detectives pulled off rape and murder probes to find the culprit. Months later, a Bulgarian Jew named Ivan Ivanov admitted to the crimes.

    Back in Maryland, hopefully Bruce Settle and his family sue the hell out of everybody involved. A few more punks like Michael Nifong should be taken down legally. The North Carolina DA Nifong was sued and disbarred after an attempted racial railroading of the white Duke Lacrosse players. Nifong has been bankrupted for his crimes, and should be behind bars. Luckily the Duke kids come from wealthy families, yet a few more legal actions against grandstanding legal eagles should send a message about the abuse of white youth in the name of "white guilt."
    News Source: Special to Western Voices


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