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    New Race Defection Rocks Clinton Camp
    Race; Posted on: 2008-02-27 20:19:04 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    White liberals losing their "white skin privilege"

    Racially aware observers are relishing the meltdown of the Democratic Party along racial lines, as the Hillary Clinton campaign continues to disintegrate. The phenomenon, with essentially 100% of blacks backing Obama, is a standing indictment of the fiction peddled by the politically correct Democrats (and others) that America has "moved beyond race" and that "race no longer matters" in the US.

    In the latest development, black Clinton ally and "civil rights icon" John Lewis has stabbed Hillary Clinton in the back, turning his coat at the last minute in favor of black hopeful Barack Obama. Lewis is one of the "Black Elected Officials" (BEOs) or "black faces in high places" allowed into the halls of power by the ruling elite in the wake of the racial upheavals of the 1960s in exchange for an unspoken end to unrest. In effect, white liberals could point to the likes of Lewis as a sign of their commitment to "civil rights." Malcolm X characterized the likes of John Lewis as Uncle Toms, a charge that still smarts Lewis and was clearly part of his Clinton switch.

    "After taking some time for serious reflection on this issue, I have decided that when I cast my vote as a superdelegate at the Democratic convention, it is my duty...to express the will of the people," Lewis said in a statement.

    The Atlanta based Lewis, 68, is a Democratic congressman facing a tough challenge from a young Markel Hutchins, a popular black preacher who has castigated Lewis for supporting Clinton despite the overwhelming black support in Georgia (and nationwide) for Obama. Hutchins has cited the "winds of change" sweeping America and overturning white dominance of the political process. Hutchins mocked the Lewis sellout as cynical: "Today's announcement by Representative Lewis was clearly prompted by political expediency," he said. "It is time for a change."

    Lewis seemed to confirm the suspicions of Hutchins, saying in a written statement that he had dropped Clinton in favor of his racial kinsman "to be on the side of the people." He means black people, a point of racial awareness no white politico would dare make about his own.

    Lewis also endorsed the "winds of change" theme, saying Obama "represents the beginning of a new movement in American political history." His words echoed those of black supremacist Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam cult, who says the Obama campaign is "transforming" whites and America as a whole.

    Clinton is aware of the racial dynamic in play. Her campaign worked hard to "ghettoize" Obama as "the black candidate," hoping to stampede whites in her favor, even as she carefully courted black votes. Only recently she dismissed her ineffectual Hispanic campaign head in favor of another affirmative action appointee, her former "aide," a black woman. Earlier in the campaign, Lewis was used by the Clintonistas to refute claims that the Hillary camp was playing the race card.

    The news of the Lewis defection is gut wrenching to white liberals like Hillary, who have long depended on coalition politics to rule. Now, with the chips down, Clinton and others are surprised and confused. Some observers are calling Hillary Clinton "the Amy Biehl of presidential politics," in reference to the young Stanford University student and Fulbright Scholar who was lynched and murdered by blacks in 1993 apartheid South Africa while attempting to "help" organize them against "racist" white rule.

    Lewis himself is a veteran of racial shakedowns, beginning his career as a leader of the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), which led many of the "civil rights" protests that were carefully packaged by a compliant media to castigate Southern whites as "racists."

    Image: Obama (in white, far left), looks longingly at Lewis (bald), arm in arm with Hillary
    News Source: Western Voices reader


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