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    Kosovo on the Brink
    Freedom; Posted on: 2008-02-16 13:23:50 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    Albanian Kosovars set to declare "independence" tomorrow

    On the afternoon of Sunday, February 17, 2008, Hacim Thaci, a former terrorist commander and now "Prime Minister" of the Serbian province of Kosovo, is set to declare independence. The move, which will create the second Islamic republic inside Europe, is strongly supported by Washington and its allies, while Russia and Serbia vociferously condemn it.

    Independence for Kosovo was made certain when NATO attacked the Serbs in 1999 in league with the Kosovo Liberation Army, a terrorist group that was closely linked with drugs and prostitution and illegal alien smuggling across Europe. The KLA was transformed into the Kosovo police under NATO occupation, with the result that the bulk of the Serb population has been ethnically cleansed, and their churches and other holy sites desecrated by Islamists.

    While it pains European Americans United to see the white Christian Serbs and white Muslim Albanian Kosovars in conflict, the fact is that the Kosovars are being used by the forces of globalism to dismember Serbia. The result will see an independent Kosovo as a puppet against the influence of Russia and a hotbed of Islamist organizing. The fate of those Serbs who resist being ethnically cleansed is something we don't want to even contemplate.

    Kosovo has been an integral part of Serbia for centuries. Kosovo is the place where, on the the Field of Blackbirds in 1389, the flower of Serbian knighthood fell in defense of the West against Islam, a war which continues today, mainly thanks to immigration, across the West, on the streets of Paris and Copenhagen, on the rails of Madrid and in the tunnels of London.

    This time next week, Kosovo may well be in flames. The prayers and thoughts of the activists of European Americans United are with the Serbian people.
    News Source: European Americans United


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