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  • 19

    Feedback: Frank Roman on Don Imus
    Opinion; Posted on: 2007-04-15 17:03:29 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    Crucifixion of radio host linked to vindication of white Duke "rape suspects"

    Frankly Speaking: As the Worm Turns, IMUSt Be Honest

    A reader of Western Voice World News who listens to the Frankly Speaking program hosted here has the following analysis:

    Frank Roman says, "So in a way Iím a bit confused as to why he now has to pay a visit to his own personal Golgotha. My guess is there was nothing else to report over Easter and that black and female diversity hires within the mainstream media revolted and saw a chance to slap down whitey."

    Imus was brought down precisely when he was brought down to drown out the news about Nifong and the Duke Three. The timing was impeccable to do just that and, as Frank pointed out, Imus has said much worse over many years such that we can only surmise that the left-wing racists who dominate the media struck when they did to obfuscate the Duke Three innocence finding.

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    News Source: Reader's opinion


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