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    Record Zimbabwean Inflation Underlines Endemic Woes
    Race; Posted on: 2008-02-15 18:37:52 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    Annual rate of inflation of 66,215% would be worse if there was a functioning economy

    When Zimbabwe was Rhodesia, run by whites, the landlocked nation was a net food exporter, popularly known as the breadbasket of southern Africa. White family farms not only made colonial (and later independent) Rhodesia able to feed itself and its neighbors, but gave full employment to the black population.

    But an insurgency of Shona tribesmen, backed by Red China and an international liberal pressure front led by the British Commonwealth after nationalist leader Ian Smith's Unilateral Declaration of Independence in 1965, succeeded in overthrowing the white government in 1979/80. The Shona's ZANU movement carried out an immediate genocide of members of the Matabele black rival tribe and, as a petulant slap at whites and the Matabele alike, renamed Rhodesia "Zimbabwe," after ruins the Shona claimed spuriously had been the seat of a supposed great Shona imperium.

    The new leader was Robert Mugabe, whose "collectivization" policies racially cleansed the bulk of Rhodesia's white population, while the Zimbabwean farmlands, once rich, became feral. Cold War politics kept many Third World dictatorships going as China, the Soviet Bloc and Western nations competed for allegiance with handouts. But with the collapse of the Berlin Wall, the bottom fell out of Third World despotism, and Mugabe, who had come to rely on outsiders for food and fuel, responded by stealing the last of the white farms in the 1990s and early 2000s in a reign of terror of beatings, rapes and outright murder. Hoping to buy himself allies as economic woes worsened, threatening his rule, Mugabe gave the farms to "war veterans," aging terrorists he hoped would support him. The end result was predictable. Zimbabwe began to starve, and the "veterans" have abandoned the land.

    The problem is getting worse, daily. Zimbabwe's own Central Statistical Office put the 2007 rate of annual inflation at an astounding 66,215%, according to Bloomberg. December saw "an increase of 39,741 percentage points on the November rate of 26,470 percent," while the International Monetary Fund estimated inflation at 150,000% in January of 2008.

    The response of white liberals has not been to take the blame for what they did in helping to destroy Rhodesia. Instead, after decades of denial they have admitted there is a problem, but blame it on one man, Mugabe. The alternative, proven in every nation south of the Sahara, is unthinkable given their worldview. Unable to accept the fact that black Africa is incapable of functioning at First World standards, liberals have embraced the fiction that if only Mugabe was replaced things would be okay.

    The fact is that all of black Africa is in chaos. Westerners are, indeed, partly to blame. By well meaning efforts missionary and other welfare work has upset the natural balance of the continent with overpopulation, while multinational corporations and foreign government interests have insisted on political edifices that only distantly mirror Western norms. Instead of the clan system and subsistence farming black Africa is suited for, white outsiders have aided wholesale tragedy by interfering in the human ecology of the continent, and no matter who is in charge, unspeakable suffering is the result.
    News Source: Western Voices reader


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