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  • 17

    Denmark Burning
    Immigration; Posted on: 2008-02-14 18:08:59 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    Islam and the War against Freedom of Expression

    The Danish Civil War

    Muslim "youths" have continued rioting across Denmark, with violence going on for days and a photographer for Jyllands Posten newspaper being beaten in the street. Jyllands Posten is the publication that printed the infamous Muhammad cartoons in September of 2005 that led to uproar across Europe and the Muslim world. Seventeen Danish papers reprinted the cartoons in response to news that an immigrant Islamist terror cell had been apprehended plotting the murder of one of the cartoonists.

    Violence has been reported in immigrant areas of Copenhagen and Aarhus, with mobs of "youths" burning vehicles and garbage receptacles. Seventeen were arrested in Copehnhagen.

    The four day spree may have been sparked by the cartoons as an excuse. "They feel provocations and discrimination by the police that stop then now and then to check them," a social worker named Khalid Al-Subeihi told AP. "It doesn't make it easier when the cartoons come back again."

    Similar violence is increasingly common in Europe, and has been seen especially in France, as well as in Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland and elsewhere. Uprisings mix political Islam with simple criminal behavior among unemployable immigrant "youths" with a sense of entitlement fostered by welfare states that also push antiwhite propaganda painting whites as "exploiters." The response of governments only emboldens the rioters: generally governments attempt to pay off the hoodlums through various special project schemes and excuse the behavior by claiming immigrants are justly angered by a "racist" system. After weeks of such violence in 2005 the French government even attempted to use the riots as an excuse to overturn labor laws and roll back workers' rights, a plan that was finally defeated after white working people protested en masse. The demonstrations were met by random attacks on marchers from Third World "youths."

    The Muslim world has responded angrily against the decision of the 17 Danish papers to defy intimidation and reprint the cartoons. There have been a number of calls for a renewal of boycotts against Danish exports. Danish and Norwegian aid groups largely withdrew from the Muslim world in the wake of the 2005/2006 round of chaos when their governments proved powerless to defend their workers.
    News Source: Western Voices reader

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