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    'Rowan Williams is a Stupid, Dangerous, Reactionary Idiot'
    Political Correctness; Posted on: 2008-02-13 14:21:49 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    A Marxist talks about the dangerous political correctness of the left

    Archbishop Has Broken His Oath of Office

    Archbishop of Canterbury Calls for Sharia

    Shiraz Socialist

    I'll tell you a true story that helped shape my own attitude to these matters…

    A couple of years ago, a woman from a Muslim background started doing some unpaid voluntary work in my workplace. She proved herself to be a capable, reliable and resourceful person. I once asked her why she was, apparently, happy to be working for nothing: she replied that it was the only way she could gain some experience and have something to put on her CV. She never discussed her personal circumstances with me, and I never asked.

    Then one day, out of the blue, a man burst into our office, uttering very nasty threats, and demanding to see this woman (who -fortunately- wasn’t there at the time): it turned out that this guy was her estranged husband. He threatened colleagues of mine and the police were called. The police said they couldn’t do anything at that stage, but (from what I understand), they were called in again, shortly afterwards, after an incident outside the school where the woman’s kids attended, and the husband was arrested and charged.

    I then recieved a phone call: it was from a local Muslim activist, who is also a relative of this woman. He said -very friendly- “I’m sure we can sort this matter out: just tell us where she is, and we’ll deal with her; the charges will be dropped, and you lot will have no more trouble.”

    This guy had been, for many years feted by the left (predominently “Socialist Action”) in the local Labour Party, and is a well-known activist in the cause of Kashmir. By the time of the events I’m describing, he had switched over to Respect, and was accompanying Salma Yaqoob round the ward, in the run-up to her council election success.

    I’m proud to say that we told this character where he could get off; the woman is still in hiding; ‘Socialist Action’ and ‘Respect’ still happily associate with this character; the husband was prosecuted (but only because this remarkable woman had the courage to stand her ground and defy her family and ‘community’); I and my colleagues no longer regard ‘Socialist Action’ or either wing of ‘Respect’ as having anything whatsoever to do with socialism (or, indeed, simple human decency), in any conceivable shape or form…

    …and that’s why I oppose Sharia law being recognised in Britain under any circumstances.

    Rowan Williams is a stupid, dangerous, reactionary idiot.

    News Source: Shiraz Socialist


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