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    New Gregorian Chant Album in the Works
    Race; Posted on: 2008-02-11 14:44:28 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    Growing popularity of Western culture renews interest in European music

    Could the Latin Mass Save Western Civilization?

    The US record label Universal Music is carrying out a search for monastic and other sacred music choirs to record a new album of Gregorian chant, cashing in on a wave of renewed interest in Western culture and history. Universal Music has taken out ads in religious publications calling for "monks, men of the cloth and sacred singers" to help with the project.

    Gregorian chant is a form of "plainsong," ecclestiastical choral music unaccompanied by instruments, which was the first music to be catalogued using the musical note system known today. The form was eventually organized between 590 and 604 AD with the oversight of Pope Gregory from earlier Roman and Gallican chant.

    Gregorian chant was very popular in the middle of the 1990s, with various dance groups, among them the French nationalists Basic Celtos, sampling chant in their music. The new interest comes from two sources: changes within the Catholic church and a wider cultural need for entertainment in tune with Western tradition.

    Medieval and other Early Music has filled a niche for lovers of classical and folk music, led by groups like City Waites, Anonymous 4 and The Mediaeval Baebes. Medieval music has also spawned the "Neofolk" genre, which often overlaps with prowhite politics. Among the best known of these kinds of groups (not all of which are political) are Fire+Ice and Sol Invictus.

    The new Pope, Benedict XVI, has instituted a new mood within the Roman Catholic church that has brought back many Catholic practices suppressed after the "liberal" reforms of Vatican II. Among these changes is a return in some places to the Latin Mass, which was an element in uniting European people across the continent, and which brings back a "European flavor" to Catholic practice.

    The changes Benedict has wrought within the church have upset the usual suspects. Abe Foxman, head honcho of the ADL hate group, is currently at war with the Pope after failing to force the Vatican to change its theology according to Jewish demands. But the Benedictine changes are also exciting for many, who also see a culturally healthy message. The Washington Times quoted the Rev. Franklyn McAfee, who has seen many young people drawn to traditionalist worship. "Gregorian chant is the opposite of rap, and I believe this is a refreshing change for them," he said.

    Another reason why Gregorian chant is making music execs excited is the fact that material with a "white" theme pays off, even if the message is distorted. The success of projects like the Harry Potter series, the Narnia and Middle Earth blockbusters, 300 (the Spartan hit), Beowulf, Elizabeth: The Golden Age, Kingdom of Heaven, The Da Vinci Code, Alexander and others have shown that white people have had enough "gangsta" and other Third World material and are crying out for something positive as the culture in general disintegrates. (This need is also seen in the success of Zionist shock jock Michael Savage, whose rants about immigration and the general decline of the Western world express opinions shared by a growing number of white people. Savage's words sound so heartfelt that it is often easy to forget he's merely an entertainer with a Zionist agenda, and that no Gentile would be allowed to make such statements so publicly.)
    News Source: Western Voices reader


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