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    'Black Rage' Strikes Again
    Race; Posted on: 2008-02-08 16:49:46 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    Six dead after black gunman goes on City Council rampage

    Black gunman Charles Lee "Cookie" Thornton went on a shooting spree inside the City Council chambers in Kirkwood, Missouri on the evening of February 7, leaving six people dead and Mayor Mike Swoboda hovering near death in an area intensive care unit. The slaughter occured exactly one month to the day after the 35th anniversary of the first highly publicized "Black Rage" killing spree, when Mark Essex killed 10 people from a sniper's nest atop a New Orleans Howard Johnson's Hotel.

    According to reports, Thornton, who died in the incident, was a black man with a long history of conflict with the city, which had ticketed Thornton for illegally parking vehicles belonging to his demolition and asphalt business. Thornton had been regularly attending Council meetings and haranguing aldermen and the mayor with rambling, paranoid speeches alleging a conspiracy by white officials targeting him because of his race. The outbursts led to an arrest of Thornton, who on at least two occasions sat down at the podium and refused to leave.

    Days before the shootings Thornton lost a lawsuit he had brought against Kirkwood in federal court, alleging that the Council's curtailment of his speeches violated his rights. On the day of the mass slayings Thornton left a note which said "The truth will come out in the end." For Thornton, the 150 parking tickets and confrontations at Council meetings built up the sense of racial entitlement and resentment many blacks harbor, enabled by a system that grants them perpetual special victim status. Thornton's friend told the media that Thornton "felt that as a black contractor he was being singled out. I guess he thought mentally he had no more recourse."

    The killer's brother Arthur said, "It looks like my brother is going crazy, but he's just trying to get people's attention." There is an unspoken sense in the "mainstream" media that Thornton's actions, while reprehensible, were somehow understandable as a reaction to the "racism" of whites.

    Cookie Thornton joins a blood soaked list of "Black Rage" mass murderers who acted out of racial resentment. On the morning of January 7, 1973 Mark Essex entered The Downtown Howard Johnson's Hotel in New Orleans, reassuring black employees that he was only there to kill "honkies." Essex had built up hatred of whites after he was exposed to Black Panther propaganda and befriended a Black Muslim rapist. While doing a hitch in the Navy the resentment boiled over into violence, with Essex attacking white sailors, leading to a general discharge for "character and behavior disorders." He then joined the Black Panthers in New York. Days before going into the New Orleans Howard Johnson's, Essex gunned down two "pigs." One of the cops, who was black, died. Inside the Johnson's Essex took a sniper's position and randomly shot down whites below on the street. The ensuing gun battle dragged on all day, with a helicopter gunship even swinging into action as a sniper platform. When Essex was finally killed, his body was riddled with 200 bullet holes. He left behind 19 people shot, 10 fatally, along with a note: "Africa greets you. On Dec. 31, 1972, aprx. 11 p.m., the downtown New Orleans Police Department will be attacked. Reason many, but the death of two innocent brothers will be avenged. And many others. P.S. Tell pig Giarrusso the felony action squad ain't shit. Mata"

    Essex was forgotten by a media intent on following the impossible dream of racial harmony. But his ghost seemed to come back on December 7, 1993, when black guman Colin Ferguson stepped aboard a Long Island, New York commuter train with a view to slaying "white devils." The "Long Island Railroad Massacre" ended with Ferguson in custody after being tackled by three brave passengers. Five whites and a Korean were dead, and another nineteen people were wounded. Ferguson had targeted Long Island because of its large white population and in hopes of not embarrassing New York City's black mayor, David Dinkins. Ferguson was defended by leftist lawyers William Kunstler and Ron Kuby, who floated a "black rage" defense. Because Ferguson, who had immigrated from the all black nation of Jamaica to the United States, had been victimized by the "racism" of whites, his oppression had plunged him into "temporary insanity." As a condition Black Rage was originally proposed by black psychologists William Grier and Price Cobbs. Ferguson was found guilty but, perhaps in acknowledgement of the "oppression" this system says all nonwhites suffer from whites, he avoided a death sentence. Ferguson is a folk hero for some blacks. The late Khalid Muhammad of the Nation of Islam gave a speech praising the killer: "Colin Ferguson, who killed all those white folks on the Long Island train, I love Colin Ferguson... God spoke to Colin Ferguson and said, 'Catch the train, Colin, catch the train."

    The most infamous "Black Rage" murders were the DC Sniper slayings of 2002, which were technically serial killings, not mass murders, since the victims were attacked over a period of time. Because of political correctness (and old fashioned incompetence compounded, say some observers, by what they call the black affirmative action police official who "headed" the case), black supremacists John Allen Muhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo were able to roam free, shooting and killing 16 people over the course of weeks. (Like Colin Ferguson, Malvo hailed from Jamaica). The deadly pair were motivated by Black Muslim hatred of whites.

    America has also been taught to forget the Zebra killings, when Black Muslim "Death Angels" raped and murdered a large number of whites in California in the 1970s. In Florida, a former Black Muslim calling himself Yahweh Ben Yahweh (God Son of God) led the "Black Hebrew" Nation of Yahweh, whose own death cult, inspired by the California Death Angels, and sharing the same name, slaughtered innocent whites wholesale in the 1980s. Prospects would bring Yahweh Ben Yahweh body parts of slain "white devils" as proof of their commitment.

    Most white experiences of black crime are not as spectacular as "Cookie" Thornton's meltdown. Still, an astonishing amount of black victimization of whites is powered by the same resentment as that acted on by Thornton.

    Image: Black Rage was a 1972 blaxploitation film with escaped black slaves murdering whites. Ted Cassidy, best known as Lurch from The Addams Family played an "albino" black man in a leading role.
    News Source: Special to Western Voices


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