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    McCain is Insane
    Globalism; Posted on: 2008-02-04 13:03:50 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    Insane McCain and his Banana Bill

    Re: Bryanna Bevens Blog: Insane McCain And His Banana Bill

    I have a theory about John McCain based on my twelve years in line fighter squadrons.

    Bryanna’s right; McCain is insane. The unimaginable sufferings he endured in Communist prisons unhinged him permanently.

    Flying fighters in the 1980s and 90s, I got to know several Vietnam POWs including some who had been captive even longer than McCain’s five and a half years.

    All were unbalanced. The ones I knew who were long-time POWs—with one exception and that exception I knew only very slightly—were high-functioning lunatics. Common denominators were trouble with alcohol, cars, divorces, tempers and aggressive flying verging on recklessness—a very unwelcome trait in a fighter pilot.

    Bear in mind that they were all in good enough shape after prison to get back into line fighter squadrons. But while McCain was able to get flight orders after Hanoi, he was never assigned to a line attack squadron or a carrier air wing again.

    Arizona Senator John McCain III went to the U.S. Naval Academy because he was the grandson and son of Admirals John McCain Sr. & Jr., both Annapolis graduates.

    McCain Senior was a distinguished fleet commander in the Pacific War who rotated command of the fast carrier task force with Admiral Marc Andrew Mitscher. The only reason Mitscher didn’t get his fourth star was that he died, totally worn-out, a few months after V-J Day.

    Junior McCain rose to be Commander in Chief of the Pacific during Vietnam. Because of the bizarre chain of authority, he was nominally General William Westmoreland’s commander.

    McCain III, however, was a mediocre midshipman (894 of 899 in his class) who became an average attack pilot with a history of foolish mishaps in the training command and the fleet. Without the admirals in his family tree, I doubt his career would have survived his crashes.

    News Source: vdare.com

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