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    The Imus Lynch Party
    News/Comment; Posted on: 2007-04-13 17:28:18 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]

    'The issue here is not the word Imus used. The issue is who Imus is a white man...,'

    by Pat Buchanan

    In the end, it was not about Imus. It was about us.

    Are we really a better country because, after he was publicly whipped for 10 days as the worst kind of racist, with whom no decent person could associate, he was thrown off the air?

    Cards on the table.

    This writer works for MSNBC, has been on the Imus show scores of times, watches Imus every morning, and likes the show, the music and the guys: the I-Man, Bernie, Charles and Tom Bowman.

    And Imus is among the best interviewers in our business. Not only does he read and follow the news closely, he listens and probes as well as any interviewer in America. Because he is a comic, people mistake how good a questioner he is.

    Is "Imus in the Morning" outrageous? Over the top at times? Are things said every week, if not every day, where you say, "He's going too far"? Yeah. But outrageousness is part of the show, whether the skits are of "Teddy Kennedy," "Reverend Falwell," "Mayor Nagin" or "The Cardinal."

    original story

    We need an America where the racial requirements for acquiring American citizenship that existed in this country since the time of the Founders to the 1950s are restored and strengthened. See the Naturalization Act of 1790 for details -- the United States Congress in 1790 made being "a free White person" a requirement for becoming a citizen of the United States, a legal requirement which remained in force until 1952.

    Our founding fathers had made it illegal for anyone but a White person to become a citizen.

    News Source: World Net Daily


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