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    'Hate Scare' Suspect Actually Jewish
    General; Posted on: 2008-01-28 20:12:41 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    Man nabbed after swastika spree

    Hate Crime Hoaxes

    Western Voices correspondent

    A rash of vandalism targeted at Jews in New York's Brooklyn Heights neighborhood seems to have been solved with the arrest of a Bulgarian Jew. Ivan Ivanov was charged with hate crimes and weapons violations after a bizarre shooting incident.

    Ivanov reportedly called police claiming that an unidentified assailant had shot him in the finger. After police were unable to find clues or witnesses, and when they found out Ivanov was wearing a teflon vest, they arrested him. Under interrogation Ivanov admitted to the September vandalism spree, and is facing hate crimes charges for those incidents. When the cops searched Ivanov's apartment they found a sawed off shotgun and other weapons, as well as eight pipe bombs, leading to an evacuation of the apartment complex. The apartment Ivanov occupied is owned by Michael C. Clatts, an anthropologist who works on AIDS issues for the National Development and Research Institutes.

    The September vandalism incidents saw fliers calling to "Kill the Jews" left around the neighborhood, and slogans and swastikas spray painted on walls and cars. These kinds of incidents follow a pattern, and immediate outrage was met with an enormous police response. The New York Police Department put twenty detectives on the case. Ivanov was one of those identified as a suspect, but perhaps because of his ethnic background he was not directly connected to the crimes until his January arrest.

    In custody Ivanov claimed that he was a veteran of the Mossad, Israel's spy agency. While Ivanov is probably just a nut, Mossad has been connected to "false flag" antisemitic incidents in the past, such as attacks on the Iraqi Jewish community in the 1950s, designed to scare them into emigrating to Israel.

    In any case, supposed "hate" attacks committed by "victims" are very common, and in most cases police should first look at the "victim" as a suspect. In November a Jewish student at George Washington University admitted to pulling a swastika rash, while other incidents have had worse repercussions; infamously, Jacques Chirac, then President of France, was made to look like an idiot after a Jewish woman claimed Arabs had scrawled swastikas on her as she sheltered her baby on the notorious Paris public transit system. Chirac had gone "ballistic" on a national television speech demanding harsher hate laws and castigating dissidents. The fake "attack" was part of a wave of antisemitic hoaxes that peaked in France in 2003 and 2004, shortly after the patriot Jean Marie Le Pen destroyed the Socialist Party's presidential hopes and went into a runoff against Chirac.

    Jews, of course, are not the only hate hoaxers. The recent Jena Six case brought out a number of incidents of nooses placed by hoaxers to claim that "racism" was afoot.

    The "nazi" and "swastika" meme is a very powerful one for Jewish and other interests, which is why Zionist groups promote or even invent groups or incidents who play the game. Mordechai Levy, "founder" of the "Jewish Defense Organization," reportedly "organized" a fake "Nazi rally" in Philadelphia to garner publicity, and even Irv Rubin, an equally nutty Zionist extremist, called Levy "a menace to the Jewish community" in a letter to a judge, asking him to harshly sentence Levy for an incident in which Levy kicked a Jewish child in the testicles. Levy's latest stunt is to protest the upcoming American Renaissance conference.

    The response to Ivanov's arrest from Jews was one of confusion. According to the New York Times, the rabbi of one of the synagogues vandalized by Ivanov made a statement that some would see as "racist." "Is his mother Jewish or is his father Jewish?" Aaron Raskin asked, since Ivanov's mother would have to be Jewish to make Ivanov one "biblically," in Raskin's words.

    Despite such incidents as the Ivanov swastika scare, similar hoaxes are bound to continue so long as the system panders to special interests and bows to political correctness.
    News Source: Western Voices correspondent


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