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    Don Imus, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton Double Standards
    Political Correctness; Posted on: 2007-04-13 09:41:34 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    Should Don Imus have been fired by NBC news?

    Written by: Stephen Sabludowsky

    Only in America can a Shock Jock with a cowboy hat make a stupid remark and get his “High Noon”—all within the private sector and not at all due to efforts within the public sector.

    It is true that NBC has a public license and so therefore should be held to a higher standard due to the public trust. But, let’s face it. Despite what NBC wants us to believe, the demise of Imus was due to sponsorship pressure, not government censorship.

    The political pressure got to the commercial pressure which hit the private broadcasting trigger point...

    So, another public figure has bitten the dust due to race.

    In my view, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton with a one-two punch knocked Imus off his high horse.

    Unfortunately, I have heard worse things come out of the mouths of stars than those words spoken by the haggard-looking DJ. Many of them come right straight from the records and videos of black rap artists who have a history of demeaning women and using the disgusting N-word.

    Yet, when that occurs, never a word is spoken by Jackson or Sharpton. Instead they blame the white controlled record companies, not the artists.

    In reality, both should be blamed including Jackson and Sharpton for failing to speak out those individuals who are causing untold damage to black society.

    It is time this double standard ends in our society.

    When Chris Rock cracks the N-word on TV, nothing happens. When “hos” is screamed on black radio, Jackson and Sharpton are nowhere.

    When Ray Nagin says that New Orleans is going to be a “chocolate city” Jackson is leading the charge and the vote.

    News Source: bayoubuzz.com


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