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    Blacks Hosed by Obama, White Liberals
    Race; Posted on: 2008-01-21 13:02:45 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    "We shall overcome" the minimum wage scale with Third World illegal immigration

    By Frosty Wooldridge

    Senator Barack Obama voted for the June 2007 immigration amnesty that doubled current immigration levels to two million annually. He voted for complete amnesty for in excess of 20 million illegal aliens. He voted for the Dream Act that took millions of dollars out of the hands of black American college kids’ hands—only to give it to illegal alien students. Fortunately, senators under enormous pressure from American voters defeated both bills.

    What’s the problem here? Barack Obama represents the best of African-Americans. Yet, he fails black America miserably! He stands in favor of flooding this country with lower wage labor that destroys any chance for African-Americans to gain a living wage.

    What happens from his actions as well as white politicians?

    On Friday, January 18, 2008, Rocky Mountain News journalist Tillie Fong reported, “Homeless given shelter from bitter cold” in Denver Colorado. A picture showed 95 percent of the homeless as black Coloradan Americans on their way to the shelter.

    National figures show over 1.1 million homeless on our streets at any one moment in America. Over 13 million American minority children live below the poverty level.

    So, why won’t Obama and white politicians address the fact that in many areas of America, 50 percent of black Americans cannot find a job? More troubling, 40 to 50 percent of black students fail to graduate from high school depending on state to state statistics. As their family units breaks down, 50 percent suffer out-of-wedlock birth rates?

    That dilemma drives more black Americans into welfare rolls, soup kitchens and homeless shelters. It places their children into survival mode of drugs, violence and economic dead ends.

    Barbara Coe, of www.ccir.net in California, sent me a distressing notice last week concerning African-Americans.

    It read, “In many areas of the country, male African-American unemployment hovers around fifty percent. Many black voters, who have the most to lose, support illegal aliens. Many black politicians support massive immigration and amnesty for illegal aliens even though mass unskilled immigration has dramatic impact on their constituents. While many black families live in poverty throughout America, black politicians are eager to import more poor people who will compete head-to-head for jobs at the lower end of the economic scale. African-Americans are getting hosed by their own politicians on a grand scale.

    ”Legal and illegal immigration has undercut blacks from the jobs they once held in meat plants, service industries and on construction crews. In many cases those were union jobs that paid good wages with full benefits. Now those jobs go to illegal aliens who work for pennies above the minimum wage. Yet from black politicians nary a peep is heard. One explanation is that many black politicians are wealthy and couldn’t care less about the working stiff. Having to compete for jobs with 12-30 million illegal aliens is something few black politicians will be faced with but millions of black and low income Americans will.”

    Why do George Bush and Congress support 572,000 troops on 700 bases in 120 countries around the world that cost U.S. taxpayers over $1 trillion annually—but neglect American citizens as collateral damage inside our own country? Ask yourself why Bush supported an immigration bill that doubled current immigration from one to two million annually?

    News Source: newswithviews.com

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