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    Paypal Freezes Funds for NH Recount
    Action Alerts; Posted on: 2008-01-18 06:10:32 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    Background: there were serious "irregularities" with votes for both Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich in the New Hampshire primary. They were first discovered by three people in a small town who had voted for Ron Paul, but noticed that he had received ZERO votes in that town as reported on politico.com.

    The Granny Warriors in NH were collecting funds to pay for a recount via a Paypal account. Naturally, Paypal FROZE the account at the last minute. (These sorts of shenanigans are why EAU hasn't set up a Paypal account for donations.)

    Since this story was published yesterday, volunteers have raised the cash to fund the recount and the recount is ongoing. But the Paypal account still remains frozen without explanation.

    EAU members and supporters are urged to express their displeasure to Paypal at https://investor.shareholder.com/paypal/contactus.cfm

    Deadline missed as Granny Warriors' account is locked down

    by Paul Joseph Watson
    Prison Planet
    Wednesday, January 16, 2008

    Paypal has frozen the fundraising account of the Granny Warriors, a Ron Paul supporters group who had been pushing for a recount in New Hampshire, causing a 3pm Tuesday deadline to be missed and the application rejected for lack of payment.

    The Granny Warriors had raised the necessary $55,600 deposit for the recount but at the last minute before it was transferred to the New Hampshire Secretary of State, Paypal blocked access to the funds.

    No explanation has been forthcoming from Paypal as to why the corporation froze the account.

    "Emergency efforts by our folks on the scene in New Hampshire to push the recount through the Secretary’s office were not successful and a lot of frustration has been expressed on both sides as a result," writes a recount volunteer on the RonPaulWarRoom website.

    "The problem was not with the Secretary of State for New Hampshire, it was with PayPal. I understand that the matter may remain unresolved and a recount may still be possible. I am hoping for additional information early Wednesday, January 16th."

    However, The strict 3pm deadline for funds to be transferred imposed by Secretary of State William M. Gardner doesn't seem to be in accordance with the law, as Dennis Kucinich's Attorney Manny Krasner pointed out, only a written guarantee of payment is required to secure a recount.

    On the Democrat side, Kucinich did transfer the funds in time for a recount and this will start today.

    Volunteers are encouraging people to contact Paypal via https://investor.shareholder.com/paypal/contactus.cfm and voice their grievances.
    News Source: www.prisonplanet.com


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