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    'Asylum Seekers' Cross 10 Safe Countries to Reach Soft-Touch Britain
    Immigration; Posted on: 2008-01-04 10:21:48 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
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    Asylum seeking felon

    The Sanctuary Deception

    UK Churn

    By News Team ⋅

    Four Afghans allegedly seeking “asylum” crossed more than 10 safe countries before being caught trying to walk through the Channel Tunnel to soft-touch Britain, it has been revealed.The men were caught 2½ miles into the 32-mile Chunnel. All had dodged strict security on the French side where about 1,500 “asylum seekers” live rough.

    Under international law, asylum seekers are supposed to be able to seek asylum in the nearest safe country to the one from which they are fleeing, but the fact that thousands cross, quite literally, a dozen or more countries to reach Britain, shows the bogus nature of their claims to asylum.

    The Afghans caught in the Chunnel cut through a 9ft high fence to break into the foot tunnel, which runs alongside high-speed goods trains. A train driver spotted the men and reported them to French authorities who halted services to catch them by train. Officers said the men were unhurt but “exhausted and hugely disappointed”. Indeed.

    Eurostar passengers suffered three hours of delays to trains in both directions while French frontier police officers and a French Channel Tunnel fire crew arrested the immigrants and returned them to France.

    Such incidents happened regularly at the height of an illegal immigration crisis some seven years ago, before the French authorities closed the Sangatte refugee camp near Calais.

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