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    Iowa Caucus on Thursday
    News/Comment; Posted on: 2008-01-02 07:31:11 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    "Ron Paul is the only viable candidate who has a well-established record on immigration, and the only one who can be trusted not to flip-flop later and stick us with an Amnesty."

    by James Buchanan

    We are rapidly approaching the first election in the Republican primary. The mainstream media reporters have been falling over each other focusing on Romney and Huckabee. Thankfully, these alleged front-runners have been bashing each other with attacks in an attempt to crawl over the mangled body of their opponent.

    Fred Thompson has truly fallen off the radar screen plunging to three percent in one poll. Perhaps he will drop out of the race in another week or two. McCain’s “Open Borders” record has hurt him badly in Iowa, and Giuliani has never stood a chance there either.

    While the media’s favorites are having a hard time, Ron Paul has moved up to 12 percent in one poll. It should be remembered that the polls don’t take into account cross-over votes from Democrats and Independents, who changed parties to vote for Ron Paul (the only viable anti-war candidate). John Zogby himself has said that Ron Paul will likely do much better than the polls are predicting.

    Romney has been running ads blasting Huckabee for releasing 1,033 felons from prison including murderers and multiple DUI offenders. The media calls these “attack ads,” but I can’t fault Romney for telling the truth about Huckabee’s disgraceful record, especially when the mainstream media is failing once again to tell voters all the information they need to know.

    The latest story from Iowa involves Huckabee creating a negative ad about Romney and then boasting that he won’t run it, but he shows a roomful of reporters the ad anyway. Gee, you don’t suppose he wanted to save the money for that ad, pretend that he was taking the higher ground —while getting the negative ad out to the press for free? Or maybe his check for $30,000 to run the ad bounced.

    Huckabee has so many scandals that he can’t hope to win a battle of the attack ads. If Romney were just a little smarter, he would run nothing but ads about Wayne DuMond, DuMond’s victims and that incident, where Huckabee’s son killed a dog and Mike Huckabee obstructed justice, blocking a criminal animal cruelty investigation. Mike Huckabee should be serving time, not running for president.

    Romney spent about nine million dollars in Iowa and three months in Iowa prior to the Iowa straw poll. Romney got 31 percent of the vote in the straw poll, not even a full third. It’s obvious people don’t trust him, don’t like his platform and probably don’t like him being a Mormon. Romney has probably spent several million more in Iowa, and his poll numbers show very little for all the money spent.

    It’s frankly insane for people to spend millions in a relatively small state with few electoral votes, just because it’s the first election in the primary. Given Huckabee’s very limited fund-raising ability, he may have blown his bank account on the first few states with nothing left for the rest of the country.

    The idea that the winner in Iowa will have tons of momentum is bunk. If you look at the straw polls that followed last summer’s Iowa straw poll, Romney lost momentum and Ron Paul started winning straw poll after straw poll as people voted for the best man, not the best advertising blitz.

    There’s a good chance Ron Paul will do a lot better than expected in Iowa. The Romney and Huckabee battle may leave those two candidates so tarnished that voters will look for an ethical candidate with a clean record, and the cleanest candidate in the election is Ron Paul.

    The latest ad from the Paul Campaign, makes it clear that Paul would deport illegal aliens, enforce immigration laws and abolish the anchor baby loophole. Ron Paul is the only viable candidate who has a well-established record on immigration, and the only one who can be trusted not to flip-flop later and stick us with an Amnesty.

    News Source: us.altermedia.info

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