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    Mike Huckabee Hard Drive Scandal
    News/Comment; Posted on: 2007-12-30 11:42:00 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    "Americans need a man of integrity -like Ron Paul- for a presidential candidate. Not another crook from Arkansas."

    by James Buchanan

    Just before leaving office as governor of Arkansas, Mike Huckabee spent $500,000 of state emergency funds to destroy hard drives used by his administration. Why hasn’t the media raised a red flag over this obvious scandal?

    It seems every week, another Mike Huckabee scandal leaks out. First there was his “Open Borders” policy as governor of Arkansas and the HUGE last minute flip-flop, he performed, to appear “tough on illegals” just before the primary elections. Then there was the Wayne DuMond scandal, in which Huckabee pressured parole board members to release a convicted rapist, Wayne DuMond. Huckabee has denied pressuring the parole board, but members of that board have contradicted Huckabee’s claims. Also, there’s a letter from Huckabee to DuMond stating that Huckabee wanted DuMond out of prison. DuMond raped and killed two women after being released from prison.

    Then there was the “Criminal Coddling” scandal, where it became known that Huckabee pardoned or commuted sentences for 1,033 criminals. In contrast, some “tough on crime” governors give out ZERO pardons and commutations. Then there was the “DUI pay-off” scandal, in which a millionaire paid Huckabee $10,000 to have his sentence commuted for a multiple DUI offense. And the “Huckabee dog-killing scandal and cover-up” in which Huckabee’s cretinous offspring, David Huckabee, killed a dog at a boy scout camp because it was emaciated and a little bit mangy. Mike Huckabee pressured police not to investigate this as an animal cruelty case and fired one official over resisting Huckabee’s demands.

    The latest Huckabee scandal involves Huckabee spending $500k to erase government hard drives before leaving office. Shouldn’t all ordinary government records be available for the public? Making this scandal worse is the fact that an emergency fund was pillaged to pay for the hard drive erasures. Well, I suppose if you’re a crooked governor in Arkansas, you would consider erasing hard drives before you left office “an emergency.”

    There are a few interesting points here: Who spends 500k to have hard drives erased? What kind of spendthrift idiot is Huckabee? Just have a 15 year old computer literate kid do it. It would have been cheaper to replace the hard drives and burn the old ones. What was on Huckabee’s hard drives? Illegal contributions? Kiddie porn? Was it even legal for Huckabee to erase those hard drives?

    One news article reports “Anyway, on to the odd little scandal. Upon completing his second and final term as Arkansas’s governor, Huckabee drained the state’s emergency fund to pay for the destruction of his office’s hard drives. The current governor of Arkansas doesn’t seem to think that the emergency fund is his privy purse: (One source notes) ” ‘I don’t know what’s going on,’ Beebe said. ‘I hope that it’s not an inside political issue at the expense of taking care of emergencies and taking care of our people. The emergency fund is there for a reason. We just had seven counties declared disaster areas. We may have more. We’re coming into tornado season. That fund they usually try to keep, if at all possible, at $500, 000 at all times so that money is there for counties and cities and people if there is a disaster. I don’t know what they’re doing, but I’m going to have a visit with a few legislators and I’ll find out.’ ‘ Crushing old hard drives may sound weird, but its a common practice for protecting confidential data. However, I would hesitate to call it an ‘emergency.’ ”

    Maybe all the money didn’t go to crushing hard drives. Maybe Huckabee decided to pocket some of the money as a going away “gift” to himself.

    Americans need a man of integrity -like Ron Paul- for a presidential candidate. Not another crook from Arkansas.

    News Source: us.altermedia.info

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