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    Chinese Lead Toys As Neuro-Toxic Chemical Warfare
    Globalism; Posted on: 2007-12-29 14:41:34 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    Chinese kids undergo required military training

    China's Poison Clothes

    I don't know if anyone has an answer to this question, but here it is.

    China takes the question of eugenics and IQ very seriously. At the same time, thousands of Chinese companies are exporting hundreds of millions of toys that contain lead. Since lead ingested in relative small amounts can depress IQ, one might suggest that there is some number of IQ points that a population accepting such toys might pay in aggregate IQ points lost. It might be some small multiple (1? 0.1? 0.001? 2?) of the number of hundreds of millions of lead contaminated toys (it might be more appropriate to use grams of lead, or accessibility of lead (like weighting more heavily lead paints toys that babies might suck on (and yes, such Chinese lead-painted baby toys are everywhere available today)--but these numbers are probably unknowable).

    Now it may seem a small thing for the American population to lose in aggregate 300 million IQ points (equal to 1 per capita), or 900 million or 150 million, in the face of mass migration by Mexicans (average IQ, 87), but if socio-cultural-economic productivity is linked to IQ (and it is), and since we know that lead ingestion reduces IQ, might not a farsighted government with its own deep commitment to elevating its own IQ through eugenics conduct a kind of neuro-toxic chemical warfare against a people it sees as competitors with a government of [often alien] compradors more than willing, even eager, to tolerate such an assault?

    Is Sourcing in China Worth It?
    News Source: EAU Correspondent

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