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    Israel, US, Britain Ignored Bhutto Appeals for Protection
    News; Posted on: 2007-12-29 10:53:33 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    No decision was reached due to Israel's concern about upsetting the Pakistani or Indian regimes by Hana Levi Julian (IsraelNN.com) ...The first woman elected to head a Muslim state was murdered by a gunman who blew himself up in an assassination-suicide bombing attack that left at least 16 other people dead and scores injured... Bhutto was leaving a political rally held in a park in the city of Rawalpindi as part of her campaign for the January 8 national elections when she was assassinated... A report published Friday by the Hebrew-language Maariv newspaper revealed that Bhutto had "desperately" asked the CIA, Scotland Yard and the Mossad security agencies to assist in her personal protection in the weeks prior to her murder. In Israel, discussions were held on the subject between the Foreign Ministry, which supported Bhutto's request for protection, and the Mossad as well as other bodies involved with protection of state leaders and VIPs. No decision was reached due to Israel's concern about upsetting the Pakistani or Indian regimes.

    <p>Israeli leaders expressed sorrow on Thursday night after hearing of Bhutto’s death. Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said Bhutto could have provided a tie to the Muslim world. Israeli ambassador to the United Nations Dan Gillerman echoed the sentiments of President Shimon Peres when he described Bhutto as “intelligent and charismatic.” Bhutto was in contact with Peres, Gillerman and other Israeli officials despite the lack of official ties between Israel and Pakistan. Continue</p><p>From a Western Voices reader: What is interesting is that Bhutto's alleged approach to foreign intelligence would seem to confirm the contention of Pakistanis that she was a tool of foreign interests. Says another: Bhutto is almost as much of a suicide bomber as the bomber himself. She exposed herself, her followers, her aides, etc. to injury and death because she was too mulish to listen to people telling her to lay low. Even after October's attack, when suicide bombers tried to get her at that time, she refused to heed warnings to stay out of the public limelight. She had already given her speech and could have stayed below in the Suburban. I don't think that sort of stubborness is too desirable. How can she help her people now? If she valued herself as a leader and helper to her people she would not have exposed herself like this. Is she stupid? Did she lack the will to survive? Sort of a Darwin throwback? (Two things probably went into her rash decision to expose herself and her followers. In Pakistan, it is necessary for politicians to physically show themselves to their adoring public, part of the political tradition as well as important in a land with a primitive electronic mass media. Second, Bhutto came from a feudal family that was genuinely adored by millions of people. She may well have thought that, despite the earlier attack, she wold be protected by her own.) </p>
    News Source: IsraelNN.com


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