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    The Battle of Broken Hill
    Report; Posted on: 2007-04-07 09:44:44 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    Third World Islamic immigration imperils Australia

    By Darrin Hodges
    Anglo-Australian Community Council

    In light of the bombings in London and else where around the world, we are now being told by our politicians that we can also expect an attack in Australia. We are being told that there are 60 known Islamic fundamentalists living in the country, right now. Yet many Australians probably do not realize that there has already been a terrorist attack on Australian soil, On New Year's Day 1915, two Muslims attacked a 'picnic' train near Broken Hill, killing 4 and wounding 7, the Muslims themselves were eventually surrounded, one was killed, the other died later in hospital. The incident was reported in a Turkish newspaper as:

    "We are pleased to report the success of our arms at Broken Hill, a seaport town on the west coast of Australia. A party of troops fired on Australian troops being transported to the front by rail. The enemy lost 40 killed and 70 injured. The total loss of Turks was two dead. The capture of Broken Hill leads the way to Canberra, the strongly fortified capital of Australia."

    Note the shameless lies. Why did they attack?, apparently one, Mulla Abdullah, the Imam of the Broken Hill Mosque, had been taken to court for slaughtering a sheep whilst not being a member of the Butcher's Union. Instead of either applying for the appropriate license or finding some sort of mediation, Abdullah, in typical Muslim arrogance, decided he would just go out, with his cohort Gool Mahomed and slaughter some innocent civilians, (as the Muslims has no regards for the 'kuffar' or 'infidels', as revealed by their murder of school children in Beslan, Russia) and surprise,surprise, they tried to justify their actions by leaving 'death' notes saying that they attacked because of Australia's involvement in WW1.

    Now as then, Muslims in Australia show a complete disregard for the Australian way life, its institutions and its law. You only have to look at the speech given by Sheik Faiz Mohammad at Bankstown Town hall, 18th March 2004, whom told the audience that women deserved to be raped, because of the clothes they wear. In August 2006, Sheik al-hilali preached in a sermon that women who were immodest, ie, not wearing a burqa and confined to the house, deserve to be raped, he suggested that woman are the 'tools of Satan' who lead men astray. Immodestly dressed women, he insisted, are like uncovered cats meat left outside. He posed the question, 'if the cats (Muslim men who have no self control) come and eat the meat, where is the fault?, the cat or the cat's meat?, it is the fault of the cat's meat'. It's not the first time he has insulted Australian women, some years ago he said that 'there two things that are cheap in Australia: pigs flesh and women'.

    It seems the Muslims are unable to control themselves, so they force their own women to wear such abominations as the 'burqa', a humiliating garment that completely covers a women head to toe. If any of you have seen Theo Van Gogh's short film, 'Submission', you will see, rather poignantly, the central character is wearing a 'lingerie' style burqa, in other words, the Muslim is unable to control himself in regards to women, so instead of taking responsibility for his impulses, he instead imposes the responsibility onto the women, by making her wear such a humiliating and dehumanizing garment lest his lack of control is exhibited if he saw women in anything less.

    The spate of Muslim pack rapes around Sydney highlighted the Muslim's misogynist and vicious racist outlook, but under preaching as highlighted above, Australian women are fair game for the Muslim. In one instance, the father of one of the perpetrators said his son didn't understand the Australian culture, which leaves one wondering if rape is acceptable in the Islamic thugocracy they came here to escape from in the first place.

    Another good example of the Muslim's utter contempt for Australian society is shown in a speech by Soadad Doureihi at an Auburn meeting,30th of July, 2005. In that meeting he said that Muslims in Australia should attack values contrary to Islam and Australia is one of the 'battlegrounds' where Muslims are fighting attempts to crush 'their' culture. In other words, Australians have to adapt to them, instead of them adapting to Australia. The pure arrogance is mind boggling, there shouldn't even be a 'Muslim culture in Australia to start with, a religion that practices female genital mutilation, subjugation of women and even arranging marriages in middle eastern countries for their 13 and 14 year old daughters. Islam has no place in any civilized society, but can we blame them? After all they are only following the teachings of their prophet, who married a 6 year girl and consummated that marriage when she was 9, these days, people exhibiting such degenerate behavior are put in gaol , not so in Islam, such behavior is lauded, even to the point of Jihadi's receiving 72 eternal virgins in the afterworld, it's odd that a religion that presses such harsh and stoic laws on its adherents, can be so materialistic in it's spiritual outlook.

    It does appear that Muslims think they are above the law in regards to the anti-vilification laws. For if two Christian pastors in Victoria can be persecuted under the Victorian anti-vilification act (a treasonous document if there ever was one ) for doing a mere theological examination of the Qur'an, then surely these Muslims spouting their hatred can be censured as well? Apparently not. The story behind the case in Victoria is very interesting. It seems May Helou (who is a member of the Islamic Council of Victoria and an employee of the Equal Opportunity Commission of Victoria) sent 3 fresh Australian Muslim (white) converts to the conference, each sat in on a particular session, then went home and lodged a complaint under the vilification act. It may surprise some people that some Muslims, particularly Anglo-converts, do not know what is in the Qur'an, when questioned, they claim that only the Arabic version is the pure word of Allah, which they also cannot read. So one can infer that they are being fed Islamic teachings exclusively by clerics, for their own nefarious purposes. The Victorian anti-vilification act was put into law by the Victorian government as a way of 'enforcing' religious intolerance, however, it has only served to highlight the intolerance of Islam and bitterly divide the community.

    You may have heard of Professor Andrew Fraser from Macquarie University in Sydney, who recently said that Australia was in danger of becoming a 3rd world outpost, if that is true, then the current generation of Muslims in Australia are the enemy within, fifth columnists, to weaken and attack Australian culture and lifestyle in preparation of the Muslim imposing his laws and customs on us, who he considers mere infidels, or dhimmi's, of whom will be required to pay a tax for not being a Muslim.

    Friends, let us not deceive ourselves, the Muslim is a clear and present danger to Australian life and in that sense, we must draw the battle lines and not be afraid to speak out. You may be accused of being a racist, I may be denounced for penning this article, however, unless we act, you could be denounced one day for even reading an article such as this. Yes, they will call you a racist, even though Islam is a religion, not a race, you will be shouted down, but take heart, as the diggers did in the jungles of New Guinea did, fighting to preserve Australia for their children, but do not partake in petty violence or vandalism of the Muslim or his property, instead, wield the mightiest weapon of all, the pen, write to your local MP about issue's in your community that concern you in regards to the Muslim activities, take to the streets and protest, keep an eye out in the local paper for proposals to build mosque's or Islamic meeting halls in your area, or councils closing public pools so the Muslims can use it exclusively for themselves, write to Council and your local MP in protest if you do see such things occurring.

    If you notice any attacks on our culture and heritage, please drop us a note at aancci@gmail.com.

    As a postscript, I would like to list the names of the innocent people who were killed and injured by the Muslim terror attack of 1915:


    1)Alma Pricilla Cowie was the daughter of William Cowie and was the girlfriend of Clarry. O'Brien. She was 18 years old.

    2) Albert Elton Millard was working laying wooden pipes in trenches between Umberumberka and Broken Hill.

    3) William John Shaw worked as a foreman in the Sanitary Department, City Council. He was on the train with his Alice and daughter Lucy who was also injured.

    4) James Craig lived near the Cable Hotel and was shot. His daughter had begged him to come inside but he kept chopping up his wood


    1) Mrs Rose Crabb was shot in the shoulder while her baby was in her arms.

    2) Lucy Shaw aged15 was shot in the elbow and was taken to the hospital to have the bullet removed from her arm.

    3) Thomas Campbell on Rocky Hill, Allendale, aged 70 was shot and admitted to hospital.

    4) George F Stokes, a young boy.

    5) Miss Mary Kavanagh, aged 23 was injured after a piece of bone penetrated over her left eye.

    6) Alma Crocker, aged 34, was with her relatives on the train. She was admitted to hospital. Alma had only arrived from Petersburg (Peterborough) the day before for a holiday with her relatives. Alma was one of the first to attend the wounded being injured herself. She tore her petticoat to make bandages. She was quite a hero.

    7) Robert Mills Police Constable was injured in the leg and was admitted to the hospital.

    News Source: http://voiceoftheshire.blogspot.com


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