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    An Eye on the 'US Human Rights Network'
    Political Correctness; Posted on: 2007-12-11 13:00:15 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    Black organizations, the ACLU, La Raza groups, Amnesty International, pro-immigration activists, churches and homosexuals join forces in politically correct antiwhite "US Human Rights Network"

    From European Americans United (EAU) research unit

    The US Human Rights Network (USHRN) is a new anti-American network with 250 member organizations.

    Its banners show blacks and Mexicans and one white woman with her black man and black child. Although dominated by "white Jews" and "white Muslims", whites (that is, white Christians) appear to be extinct in the US Human Rights Network's America. Of course, that is just prescriptive.

    Its core value is "diversity"--defined by the Census Bureau as "fewer whites."

    Oddly enough, the "Immigration and Refugee" section on the USHRN's website denounces Americans for alleged racism and xenophobia but all the USHRN's member Jewish groups and Jewish led groups appear to be unaware of the Jewish state's issue with refugees. Of course, the Israelis often just shoot them, torture them and stuff them in concentration camps. O! to be soooo progressive....

    USAT (12/10/2007, p. A3) reports that the USHRN and ACLU are preparing to release a report that denounces the US as an utterly sick and white "racist" society and demands more transfers of wealth from the crumbling white middle class to blacks and Mexicans.

    The focus of the USHRN "discrimination" section focuses on homosexual rights. Its housing rights section demands more free housing for minorities without mentioning that millions of sub-prime loans were routed to minorities at the cost of white middle class families who subsidized them by racist banks that discriminated against white families, and now there is talk of a new multi-hundreds of billions of dollars bailout for these same Affirmative Action homeowners.

    Its scholarship section demands the complete conversion (now mainly done) of universities into mobilization centers for "progressive" activism targeting white Christians.

    European Americans United monitors the pernicious influence of "non-governmental organizations" (NGOs), which have wreaked havoc around the world, often subverting sovereign nations and pursuing subversive agendas in the name of "human rights," "tolerance" and "democracy." One target has been Russia, which is home to nearly half a million NGOs, some financed by exiled oligarchs to carry out destabilization of the Kremlin. Whole nations, like Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia and Serbia have had their governments overthrown because of NGO influenced "color revolutions," while Belorussia and Burma/Myanmar have had close calls. The threat of NGO-instigated violence resulted in the banning of the Brussels 9/11 protest, which saw police physically attack democratically elected officials. Despite their disconnect from the democratic will of local people, "First World" NGO imperialism is often successful thanks to massive financial aid from special interests with deep pockets.

    How We Got Here

    Political Correctness The Revenge of Marxism
    News Source: EAU


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