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    Allegory: Men, Women, Race and Nation
    Audio; Posted on: 2007-12-09 13:02:43 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]

    Whereas sexual pornography presents sex as an end in and of itself and becomes a substitute for intimacy, social and political “pornography” in the form of vapid consumption and the pursuit of entertainment has become the substitute for our racial and cultural identity.

    By Frank Roman

    Audio Version

    As many people already know the sexually explicit content of pornography disrespects upright family and religious values and is deeply offensive to a significant portion of citizens who hold these values. The use of pornography is bad for the social order because it undermines and destabilizes the moral fabric of an upright and stable society. By encouraging sexual promiscuity, deviant sexual practices (and other attitudes) which many of us regard as fundamentally wrong threaten traditional family and religious institutions. Unfortunately the manufactories of pornography like to declare unrestrained ‘freedom,’ and cry ‘censorship’ at the proposal that sexually overt material be regulated -- and they have the deep pockets to resist. Nation killing organizations like the ACLU and the ADL who say they work to protect ‘freedom of speech’ and ‘equal rights’ have worked overtime to undermine our national consciousness by sabotaging local community standards and moral integrity. On top of this there is the increasing passivity of public life with many of our people increasing their demands for more public services, more guarantees, and more protection along with less concern for self-determination.

    The healthy attraction between males and females was designed by Nature to encourage intimacy and bless them with children. But pornography lies about healthy sexuality and portrays it like a sport, where women are depicted as playthings and men are depicted as having animal drives with no more control than a tomcat in heat, a view that is heavily promoted in modern day sitcoms and motion pictures. Of course this is not to say Western man was as pure as the driven snow and is no longer, far from it. And I’m sure many of my listeners have their own views about pornography and deal with it accordingly. But the final result has been the willing (and unwilling) enslavement of millions of our people to pornography. It produces the very opposite of the fulfillment and happiness it promises such as broken homes and hearts, alienation, unwanted children, and guilt.

    All of this can be said of a lot of other things, too. Anything can be exploited and debased to the point where negative results become terminal. Correspondingly, many of our people are finding out that the criminal explicitness of big government disrespects our national identity; and a significant portion of citizens who hold political values that have been respected since our country’s founding find this to be deeply offensive. They understand that the trickery and lies coming out of Washington via their friends in the media is a schizophrenic design that defends us on one hand and commits hostility against us on the other. They understand that ambivalence toward political promiscuity is fundamentally wrong because it corrupts ancestral and spiritual institutions. Unfortunately, the purveyors of social and political corruption like to crow about how they’re working on behalf of the American people’s ‘freedom’ and they decry any efforts to examine more closely what they’re doing. In order to ensure their grip on the levers of power they continually offer to satisfy the public – especially certain favored groups (LaRaza) – with more public services and less concern for responsibility. Overall, tax payers and voters are disregarded as hicks and fly-over subjects whose only function is to reimburse and re-elect their masters. The final result has been the fundamental disillusion of millions of our people to the political process. Broken promises, broken oaths and political affairs outside the nation have produced disaffection, pessimism, selfishness, and a lack of order. People are beginning to understand that either a ‘divorce’ from the current establishment is needed or it will get far more dangerous than they are willing to contend with if it isn’t fixed soon.

    Following World War I came the Roaring Twenties and the so-called “flapper era.” With its images of prostitution (tame by today’s standards) aimed at respectable women and girls, Hollywood began to promote its’ subversion on America just as it does today. The Great Depression and World War II put a bit of a crimp in this movement. But post war predatory capitalism set in -- along with a sense that we were invincible and could get away with anything. So we continued our moral decline while holding in less esteem values that bound us together as a nation; replacing nationhood with consumerism and loyalty with globalism. In other words as the rot set in, politicians the media and seats of learning sought to replace our people’s national commitment with their global promiscuity. Mind you, much of this change took place when America was a majority white nation and to some extent our people managed to withstand these changes with a strong set of values passed down from their ancestors. Love, marriage and having children were still considered the apex of success, with churches and schools promoting it as a common bond among our people. Certainly, it was a bit sedate in some quarters. But the innate beauty of the nuclear family was always used to exemplify what were expected in our communities. As a result our civilization and our race flourished because we took the time to choose the right mate, adopt the best habits together, and we had healthy white children. No, some situations were not always successful but overall it worked especially well for us and we dealt with the failures. Inasmuch as gender was designed by nature to ensure the posterity of all races of man, so too was the founding of America created to ensure the posterity of European derived people. So, like entering into a personal relationship, the early period of our history saw the people of America gradually enter into a bond with their government and those with whom they lived in their communities. Again, it was not always perfect as nothing ever is, but it worked because the connection of a common people with a common goal nearly guaranteed the continuity of race culture and nationhood. And of course it was considered unpatriotic not to be involved in the political process. But like personal relationships, these too were corrupted by those who introduced bastardized revelations of free speech, legality and intent. The common trait in the debasement of politics and healthy sexuality is fraud and illusion for the benefit of a few; and it takes some sharp eyes and clear thoughts to see it. Akin to the producers of smut the politicians, social activists, business men and their bosses in elite social circles promote the kind of “pornography” that dishonors monogamy to our race and nation.And you know as well I do many people will remain silent no matter how much it disturbs them. So today we must rely on the tattered vestiges of civil society, a task made even more difficult by the limited parameters of acceptable debate and the unlimited ‘tolerance’ imposed on all.

    As the subversive 60’s came in to being with all its attendant angst over the Vietnam War, an alien led subculture of sex drugs and militant feminism sprang from the college campus’s and into our national consciousness. “Free love” was now the order of the day, and I believe it was at this time we saw the media’s mainstreaming of pornography, not to mention the appearance of blatant race mixing and homosexuality. Correspondingly, the commitment we had established with our government (and ourselves) was enticed by political and moral adultery with so-called experts (and their activists) taking advantage of the naturally inquisitive natures of our young people especially and appealed to their more base instincts by separating sex from loving procreation. Playboy, Hustler and Screw magazines replaced Aesop’s Fables, Winnie the Pooh and Charlottes Web. But that certainly wasn’t all. Coupled with the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Immigration Reform Act of 1965 attacks on family, morality and our very people hood took on a deadly prominence, with Hollywood and television pushing it just as hard then as they do today. So, in spite of our innate goodness as a people and the high standards we had intuitively developed for ourselves, due to incessant exposure these seditious movements began to make us doubt what we had always taken for granted. Things like love, race, sex and national unity became subjective in the minds of many. In other words, a deadly subconscious principle was (is) at work for European Americans in the question over pornography as it is over politics, specifically ‘democracy.’  Maintaining a troubled relationship with a political (and social) system that is ambivalent about racial monogamy and endorses promiscuous things like open borders and miscegenation undermines and destabilizes a people and can only lead to the heartbreak of a national break up. As a result we now live in a society in which vast portions of our people are completely alienated from their historical roots. Except for themselves, they have no accountability to race or nation. Amoral politics (like shameful relations), has spawned a mindset that concentrates on what is personally advantageous for the Nobility to the detriment of everyone else. And in both cases, it is no longer a secret: both conditions are out in the open demanding more unaccountability through the sheer impatience of their character.

    Thinking metaphorically, pornography-for-profit & politics-for-profit has unraveled our moral base and national cohesion respectively; with tomorrows’ leaders  adopting a more cosmopolitan attitude toward politics, entertainment, race and nation. The point I am trying to make is this: By separating faithfulness from race and nation, pornography is a manifestation of what has gone wrong. It is a symptom of all that is ugly, debased, and obscene. Our nation has gone from a virtuous homemaker to a globetrotting cosmopolitan whore, an obscenity of its former self. European Americans (in particular) have become virtual slaves to the fashions of tolerance and racial diversity while their non-white counterparts declare their unrestrained freedom; pleasuring themselves if you will with political gain. The lust for capital of adulterous transnational corporations remains unabated as they transfer the gainful employment of trusting white Americans out of the country and then shower non-white organizations with generous monies to further America’s mongrelization. And as I said at the beginning of this broadcast, the final result has been the fundamental disillusion of millions of our people to the political process. Broken promises, broken oaths and political affairs outside the nation have produced alienation, cynicism and a lack of order. And so, as politicians whisper into our ears sweet words of dedication and loyalty, only to flee when they discover we believe them, in order to feel better about ourselves we have defined our worth by what we can buy off a shelf.

    I do hope you understand I am not attempting to promote prudishness or some kind of Calvinist mentality. That would be unrealistic. But I do hope you understand today’s allegorical evaluation.

    So why does European Americans United care that the organic system of our forefathers has been corrupted? Well, we think its’ important that our people stop being an irresponsible audience -- who seem to be aware of what’s going on but are ready to gain advantages for themselves at the loss of everything else; who fail to see that it is fake ideology for example, not money that is the root of all evil. We want to see European Americans, (our race), re-discover their importance in terms of commitment and to work hard at maintaining that dedication, inasmuch as troubled marriage partners have to work to save their relationship. Any organization or trend that can eliminate the right to preservation can remove any other right as well, and we understand that pretending to be unaware of certain problems won’t make them go away – they have to be dealt with forcefully but with finesse and clarity. So in the coming days several Board members of EAU, the sponsor of this broadcast, will be contacting you our valued members by phone or mail. Until then we ask that in the spirit of good will, of cooperation and a desire to make positive change, begin now to weigh your options and look at your available resources in order to recommit our people, our nation and our posterity on a path toward racial and political honor.


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